WordPress Have_post Function
WordPress Have_post Function

WordPress Have_post Function

WordPress have_post function this is what we’re gonna discover everything we need to know about this feature in detail from the WordPress A and Q blog.

They have posts () feature in WordPress is being used to determine whether the current WordPress query contains whatever information to iterate over. If there is available data, this will satisfy the condition. Alternatively, it will restore false.

It should be noted that we do not have to submit any assertions to this component. The specially made query for the WordPress have_post () feature in WordPress. We have been unable to pack Components in a system.

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WordPress have_post function

It will use the basic wordpress layout for archive pages, pages, and so on.?php if (have posts()):

  • while (there are posts()): the post();
  • / Execute Your Declarations

Template 2

Throughout WordPress, create customized query for the have post() feature.

  • $args = array(‘post not in’=>array($array),’post type’=>’post’, );
  • innovative WP Query($args); $the query = fresh WordPress Query($args);
  • if($the query->have posts()):
  • whilst also ($the query->have posts()): $the query->the post(); / Execute Your Declarations /ex the content() resound the title();

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3rd Format

  • ?php /Syntax: query posts (CONDITION)
  • query posts(‘category name=student&posts per page=10’);
  • whereas (have posts()): the post(); / Execute Your Declarations end while;?>

What should you do since there are no posts on WordPress?

It uses a general $wp query item has posts() technique. When there are no more posts inside the cycle, the loop end activity is triggered, as well as the rewind posts() method called.

How do I get a list of articles in WordPress?

Simply define a range of criteria as well as pass them to the get posts feature. WordPress gets converted that contains numerous into a legitimate as well as secure MySQL request, continues to run this against the dataset, as well as returns a variety of posts. 2, you must use a for each loop to navigate the query results restored by getting posts.

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Where else can I locate my WordPress blog entries?

Posts are submissions that appear on your main website and/or blog ” ( pg throughout the opposite direction.

How to Make a Showcased Posts Segment in WordPress?

 WordPress is well with its powerful customizable capabilities. Anytime you believe anything is needed, you could indeed easily accomplish it in a variety of ways, like:

  • WordPress add-ons
  • Including new features
  • Changing previously made features

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to insert a featured posts segment or showcased material into your WordPress site. Featured components are being used to draw the user’s attention to specific content. Sometimes it is necessary to show some popular positions to your viewers first. As such, in this guide, we’ll look at how to create a featured posts segment.

Include a section for featured posts.

There is a straightforward step-by-step procedure to be followed.

Let’s take a glance at what we’ll need before we all get started:

WordPress: Sure, it’s self-explanatory – you’ll need to have it set up either domestically or on your web application.

You could indeed try to install WordPress here.

The theme for WordPress: You could use any theme you want, but we’re utilizing our theme ‘Bharat,’ which would be simple, gorgeous, as well as able to respond.

This operation involves three steps.

  • In the post/page admin panel, create a checkbox (meta box).
  • Save significance of the meta box.
  • Here on the web application, show the featured posts.

Making a checkbox

Add additional purpose to your theme’s new products not only bring a folder to insert a checkbox to the pages/posts modify the display.

Meta box value should be saved

We completed the creation of a check box in the post/page directive requires. It is now time to save the value of the checkbox, whether it is enabled or disabled. Now we’ll write a feature to save or keep updating the significance of the checkbox.

The Frontend Showcase of Showcased Posts

We are in the final stage, in that we will show the featured posts just on a web application.

How could I display the most latest blog on my WordPress site?

The WordPress block in a ‘Newest Posts’ block that displays the latest blog with post thumbnail images. You could also use the Newest Posts Plugin Elongated plugin to showcase the latest blog with thumbnail images in sidebar widgets. More information can be found in our essay about how to showcase the latest blog in WordPress.

Why is it necessary for websites to include featured posts inside the sidebar?

When designing a website, often these people end up leaving a blank void in the sidebars or putting extra layout components that make the website unattractive. Because sidebars in websites are non-content areas, you can try with space available.

Most websites just use the sidebar to include a newsletter sign-up form, and yet past the days when site visitors would satisfy out the form within a week of accessing the site. To acquire their email address, users must now focus on providing them with something of value. One of them is blogs.

By delivering superior, issue content, you could indeed entice users to make purchases or fill out a registration form. Often these websites and blogs have begun to include showcased articles on one‘s web pages to highlight their quality stuff or recent publication content to convince customers to take the requested response. Not just that, however, these components also assist websites in driving more traffic.

For instance, if one’s blog isn’t currently ranked at the top of the front page but your webpage or product description is, thanks to the correct techniques, actually ranked at the pinnacle of the Search engine. They would then arrive all across the featured post segment even before they begin going to visit your website. If your content headline, as well as background, are relevant to issues and potential, they will be more able to click on your essay, allowing you to keep driving more traffic.

Using Gutenberg, add a showcased post

The featured article is not only restricted to the main website; it could also be used in the blog and on another webpage. You could use page editorial staff to introduce additional configurations to the webpage or develop new pages. However, you could use it to append a featured post section.

Navigator to the page wherever you want to function or insert your showcased post segment.

Then, in the page directive requires, press the “+” symbol to add an extra block button, and finally, you could indeed add a list to your subject areas (to display your content or blogs).

Add the headline of the website you want to be featured on the ranking.

Next, change the cell you’ve added, and then go to the toolbar’s connection area to link to your post.

After completing the preceding steps, you could indeed perceive the changes by clicking on refresh.

One of the great attributes of the Gutenberg block editor is indeed the ability to repurpose the very same block on multiple posts and pages. You could indeed make changes.


In the end, we knew all points related to WordPress have_post feature through the previous essay in addition to so much information about how to have featured posts on WordPress and we hope you like it.

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