Best WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram can be a great source of content to display photos and images from your accounts on your site. Thanks to these WordPress Instagram plugins, it has never been easier to transfer this content to your site.

Free and premium WordPress plugins in this collection make it easy to display photos from your Instagram account on your site. When configuring the plugin, you can choose which of your accounts you want to import photos, how many items to import, and some other options.

Instagram photo fonts can be inserted into your posts and pages or displayed using a widget in the sidebar or footer areas of your site. If you want to display Instagram photos on your WordPress site, regardless of your budget, there are some very impressive tools to help you with this.

Whether you want to view your Instagram photo feed, create an Instagram slider, add the Instagram icon with a link to your profile, or create an Instagram giveaway to enlarge your followers.

In this article, we have selected the best Instagram plugins for WordPress to help you increase your followers and increase engagement. 

Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon

WordPress Instagram Plugin

Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon is the best Instagram feed plugin on the market. More than 1.3 million websites use the plugin to create custom Instagram photo fonts. Once you’re live on your WordPress site, you’ll be able to view photos of your Instagram accounts.

The plugin allows you to create multiple fonts for use throughout your site. Each font can display photos from multiple accounts, which can ensure that your site displays a constant sequence of photos from various sources. 

There is a free version of the plugin that allows you to easily create a custom social font of Instagram. The free version has many built-in features. However, you can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock additional features such as various design options: masonry, horizontal design, carousel and much more.

You can also use the Pro version to display multiple different Instagram fonts on your site from multiple fonts, including #hashtag fonts.

You can also create affordable fonts and has a lightbox pop-up with built-in social sharing buttons. You can easily add your Instagram feed to any post or page using the Block Editor or a sidebar widget.

The plugin also supports Instagram stories and brings them to your WordPress site. By far, the best part of the Smash Balloon Instagram plugin is the smart power cache and backup functionality.

This allows you to view Instagram photos on your site without slowing down your site, and your photos will be displayed even if the Instagram API fails (which is a big plus). For detailed instructions, see our guide to creating custom Instagram photo fonts on WordPress. 


  • Spotlight is a unique Instagram feed plugin that allows you to design and display your Instagram feed on your website in minutes. One of the main features that sets it apart from other plugins is the interactive live preview, which can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • It is a relatively new WordPress free Instagram plugin, which, however, has already started with some positive reviews from users.
  • As the name suggests, this plugin is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to view photos of your Instagram accounts on your WordPress site.
  • The three-step setup process should make this free plugin an attractive option for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to integrate their WordPress site into Instagram. Once installed on your site, all you need to do is connect Spotlight to your Instagram accounts, design your feed, and then embed it into your site wherever you want.
  • To make your feeds look the way you want, Spotlight comes with an interactive live preview customizer. This allows you to see what your Instagram photo feed will look like while working on it.
  • Since this plugin allows you to present your Instagram content in an elegant way, it is very useful to be able to preview your feeds during editing.
  • The stylish raster design that displays your Instagram photos is fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look on smartphones and other small-screen devices. Scrolling effects that are triggered when the user’s cursor moves over an image immediately make it clear that you can click the photos in the source. When clicked, they appear in a lightbox window.
  • Thanks to the good support for gallery posts, users can scroll through collections of images published on Instagram directly from their site. While the main version of Spotlight has more than enough features to display Instagram photos for free on your WordPress site, a paid version is available.
  • The update will unlock additional features, including more power control, the ability to create hashtag fonts, features that allow you to embed stories on your WordPress site, and other layout options that you can see in action here. If you are looking for a fast and convenient Instagram plugin, the free Spotlight option is a great option.


WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is designed to give you full control over how Instagram content appears on your site. Once you have installed this free WordPress Instagram plugin on your site, you will have access to a feature-rich widget that you can add to your sidebar and footer areas and insert them into posts and pages.

The default widget settings allow you to choose between a one-, two-, or three-column layout to present Instagram images on your site. You can also use the widget in full-width mode, so you can display Instagram content in a horizontal banner on your site.

If you want to create a header or footer area to display photos from your Instagram feed, you can use the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget plugin in full-width mode. You can also set up some ways in which the widget displays your photos and other images.

Examples include setting the number of images displayed in the widget and the size of those images. You can also adjust the spacing between images by simply entering the number of pixels you want to have between each image.

Another option of what your widget will look like is whether a button appears or not. By default, the text of the button is “Show on Instagram”. However, you can easily change this. If you want more control over the look of your widget and its content, you can add your own CSS from the widget’s settings panel.

However, it is unlikely that the custom CSS application will be necessary for most users, as widget controls should be enough. To get an idea of what this Instagram widget might look like on your site, be sure to take a look at the demo of the WPZOOM social feed widget. 

WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed is a simple and elegant free WordPress plugin for Instagram F Although this is a free plugin, the fantastic download numbers in the plugin repository seem promising to any new user.

It is basically a basic plugin to elegantly display Instagram fonts on the WordPress site. Once you have installed WD Instagram Feed, you can easily customize the plugin. There are several styles to customize the display of your Insta feeds. 

Simple social icons

Simple social icons allow you to add social icons in a sidebar widget. These icons have links to your profile on Instagram and other social networks. They make it very easy for your readers to find him and follow him there. Simple Social Icons is a very simple plugin that takes just a few moments.

It’s also completely free. This plugin allows you to customize the style and color of your icons and how to align them.

Note that you cannot add more symbols or change the order unless you use a filter. We hope this article helped you find the best Instagram plugins for WordPress. You may also want to see our list of WordPress plugins and our guide to increase traffic from your blog.

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Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a fast and easy to use WordPress photo gallery plugin. You can use it to create advanced photo and video galleries on WordPress with features like albums, lightbox pop-ups, pagination, tagging and much more.

Envira comes with an Instagram plugin that allows you to import your Instagram images on WordPress so you can add them along with your other photo galleries. It’s up to you if you want to bring the images to your blog and open them in a lightbox, or if you want the images to be linked to your Instagram posts. 

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We have discussed the best WordPress Instagram Feed plugins to integrate Instagram into your WordPress site. Instagram offers a great platform for sharing photos and videos. The integration of Instagram into a WordPress site can provide great added value with engaging content and more traffic to the site.

To take advantage of this opportunity to communicate with users of the site, WordPress plugins offer a simple solution. 

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