How Long Does It Take To Build a Website? (The Complete Beginner’s Guide)

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website? If you’ve never built a website before, that’s totally fine because I’m going to be walking you through this entire process step by step.

I will make everything super simple so your website will be up before you know it. Now before we started, I just want to go over a couple of things and we’ll get into structuring the website.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website
How Long Does It Take To Build a Website

Before How Long Does It Take To Build a Website? we need to know What is website hosting?

Before realizing how to start a site, do realize what is web facilitating? Site facilitating is the place your site will live on the web. It’s the place all your substance is put away. All your photographs and recordings and fundamentally all that is on your site are put away there. Another way I like to disclose this to individuals is this way.

Think in case you will fabricate a house. Before you can really begin building, you would require the land to put the house on. So simply attempt to think about the space name as the house and the facilitating as the land.

What is the domain name?

Your website domain name is the address of your website. So for example, some domains are,, You get the idea. Now that we’ve got that covered, we can get building.

Pricing of web domain

Website hosting typically costs from 60 to 100 USD a year, sometimes more. But today I’m going to show you how we’re going to get website hosting for just 30$per year, which also includes an automatic WordPress installation and a free domain name.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website? The Complete Beginner’s Guide

So what we’re going to do:

Name, hosting and domain – the important part of how to start a website?

  • First is connection to the page that we have to go to is
  • Then once you arrive, we’re simply going to go over yonder and snap-on Go Daddy coupon
  • That will naturally apply the rebate for us
  • Now pick your space and installer facilitating and WordPress
  • We will do is click on the green begin button
  • This is the place we will pick our free area name
  • Whatever you need your site to be called, you can check here, check whether it’s accessible
  • Once you settle on a name, you can simply enter it
  • Click on search to check whether it’s accessible at that point click on select and proceed
  • Now we’re simply to tap on make account
  • Now we will round out this structure for our GoDaddy account
  • Then you will think of a username and a secret key, likewise a PIN number, and these can be anything you need
  • Just ensure you all spare everything this data some place so when you require to sign in to GoDaddy, you can
  • After we have all that rounded out, we’re simply going to click the green make account button
  • Once that is totally done, we can feel free to tap on spare
  • Add your installment strategy and card you like however
  • Then we’re prepared to finish the buy
  • Click this green catch
  • You got your facilitating now

Furthermore, we’re prepared to proceed onward to the following stage.

Site building

  • Click on the blue include site button
  • Then we’re simply going to leave everything as it, manufacture a fresh out of the plastic new site, and afterward whatever is suggested, you can simply put it there
  • Now we will concoct a WordPress username and secret key
  • So simply like for the other stuff, simply concoct a username and secret word and afterward ensure you spare that data some place
  • So WordPress is introduced, that is the single tick WordPress introduce for you
  • Now we’re simply going to tap on this blue WP Admin button, at that point once we get to this page, we simply click on forget about it
  • That will consequently simply take you to your WordPress dashboard
  • This is where you go at whatever point you need to alter your site
  • So before we do anything, we will go check our email from GoDaddy
  • We will go to our email records and there ought to be an email from GoDaddy that says please check your email address
  • And simply click on check email presently, that is it, It’s been confirmed.
  • Come back to the WordPress dashboard and revive this page
  • Just click on change area
  • Now click on include area and it will discover your space
  • Make the essential space for the record
  • After you have everything chosen, hit include
  • Wait on this to refresh, it will simply take several minutes

OK currently it’s been updated and what that simply did is change the area of all that we will make on our WordPress site so it’s no longer to this FTP transfer site, it’s presently heading off to our principal space.

  • So we will open up another tab and afterward, you will take your site and you will place it in and afterward, you will put after it/wp-administrator after the .com. Or on the other hand .net, whatever your area is, from that point forward, click enter
  • And afterward, when it comes in, everything you do is you placed in the record data that you made before
  • Again it’s simply your space name/wp-administrator
  • Whenever you need to sign in to your WordPress account
  • I simply put data in and click on sign in
  • Presently this will take us directly back to the WordPress dashboard
  • Presently we can really begin fabricating the real site
  • So now we have WordPress and our facilitating introduced
  • We can go and really begin fabricating the real site

Creating theme

  • The first thing we’re doing is we will install our theme
  • So we’re going to go to appearance, click on themes, then we will go to add new
  • After installing the theme, The next thing we’re doing is add some of our site info
  • Go down to general and then we just add our site title
  • Then we’re going to add a tag line
  • After you add in your site title and tag line, you can just scroll down and click on save changes
  • So now we will go over to our homepage and then we will change our background
  • Go up to customize, we click on the background image, and we’re going to click change image
  • Then you can just go to upload files and then you pick your file
  • Then set these to fill the screen and then also scroll the page
  • After that’s done, click on publish
  • Now close this and come back to the dashboard

Page creating

  • Now we’re going to create some pages for our website
  • To do that we’re going to go to Pages and then Add new
  • Now add the title for the page and then after that click on Publish
  • This page is done
  • Now the page has been created
  • So we got our pages made so now what we’re going to do is go to appearance and click on menus
  • This is where we’re going to set up our menu page that will appear at the top of our website
  • So just go and select the pages that you want to add to your menu at the top of your website, then click add to the menu
  • Then if you want to rearrange something, you can just go
  • Then also if you want to put something in a subcategory, all you have to do is just move it a little to the right and that moves it into a subcategory
  • If you don’t want to do that anymore, just move it back to the left and then it’s its own category again
  • Make sure this is selected is primary

So now if we go to our website’s homepage you will see that our categories have been put up here.

Post creating

Go back to your dashboard now. And now start creating some posts:

  • Click on add new, this is basically just a page, the same thing
  • You just add your title here and then you can add your content here
  • Go ahead and fill both of these out
  • After that’s added, we’re going to add a featured image to our page
  • This is just an image people are going to see, along with this text, before they see the actual post
  • So to do that, we’re going to click on the featured image and set featured image
  • Then we’ll click on upload and then I’ll just drop my file in
  • Click on select
  • That’s done and click and publish

 So now, go to your website’s URL, you will see our featured image and our title and some of our content there.

Creating category

  • If you need to add categories, add your posts to categories, all you have to do is:
  • Come to categories and you can just click on add new category
  • You can just type it in right here
  • Then you click to create a new category and then you select which ones you want to have your post appear on

Deleting some extra stuff

  • So just go up to the dashboard
  • Then go to appearance and widgets
  • Just go over there where it says photocopy area
  • Then this is all the stuff right here, anything you don’t want, all you have to do is go to it and click on delete
  • That will automatically get rid of it so you don’t have to see it anymore on any pages on your website
  • That’s it! Of course, when you’re building your own website, you will want to build it with your own content. But this is just to give you an idea of what your website could be like.

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Final words on How Long Does It Take To Build a Website? The Complete Beginner’s Guide

It merits having a site, particularly for a business, as a great many people use Google or other web crawlers to discover important data.

In any case, there are situations when retailers decide to sell their items on previously existing commercial centers, for example, eBay or Amazon. Yet, they take posting and commission expenses, which you wouldn’t need to pay on the off chance that you have your own site.

Also, making a site is simple with the present apparatuses, for example, a web designer. It permits clients to fabricate an expert site in two or three hours essentially by choosing a format and altering it. No web composition experience or coding is required.

The best web builders for how to start a website are WP, GoDaddy, Zyro, Wix, and Weebly.

Adam is a developer and author at wpqanda, who is passionate about WordPress, digital marketing, and website builders. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through his writings.