The best WordPress LMS plugins to create and sell courses online

Online courses have become increasingly common for people to gain knowledge in their field or to enhance their careers without having to pay a lot. The online courses also offer an excellent opportunity for people to learn new technologies while they are still living and learning. These video course sites have been found to make considerable amounts, particularly in a specific niche. If you would like to learn online courses you could use the most popular WordPress LM-Plugin available.

What are the best WordPress LMS plugins

What are WordPress LMS plugins? ( Learning management system plugin )

Learning management system plugins (courses plugin for WordPress) offer features enabling you to easily build an online course platform. Some WordPress plugins offer a number of useful features such as gamification, incentive, and forum integration. Installing plugins for LMS can make your WordPress site a functional learning online education platform. We are able to provide engaging courses that can be adapted from textual material to interactive quizzes and create online courses with video tutorials. In addition to the functionality of this plugin, it is possible to drag and drop courses, register students, monitor progress reports, and configure payment gateways through the administrator dashboard.

Membership plugins vs. Learning management system plugins

For people new to online learning, it appears that integrating paid memberships with membership plugins like MemberPress or MemberPro might be necessary for the functions you need such as registering the user. However, Wp courses LMS plugins are loaded with learning-specific functions which make them ideal to deliver education online. These are more than just WordPress plugins. A WordPress plugin is also available as a learning management tool.

WordPress LMS courses plugins

What to look for in WordPress LMS online course plugins?

Investing in a WordPress plugin for LMS is an important investment over time. Choosing a reliable LMS is also important. It can take time and effort to set up a website but it’s not advisable for anyone to create a course that is unable to be used on the site they choose for the course. What is the most important characteristic?

Content layout

Course content can be very helpful when you are looking to build a more effective online learning system for your students. The more efficient layouts and the easier to navigate, the better student interaction. Most WordPress LM applications include a page builder or visualization program that builds posts or pages to help create online courses. Generally, though, some have implemented these functions more effectively. Please look at layout possibilities before you buy plugins and add them to the WordPress dashboard.

Monetization options

Often an LMS WordPress plugin handles payment while another may be using external plugins to pay or subscribe to an online learning platform. The course or multiple courses supports single or recurring payment, subscription, free trial, and discounts to offer the best possible access. Please ensure you support multiple payment gateways and currencies, as well as a variety of plugins and payment solutions to your WordPress website.

Monetization options

Multimedia support

Many online classes contain written material and ideally, a good LMS includes video, audio, and PDF file support, as well as support for other media. The more formats your plugin supports, the more integrated your online courses are. You can offer several classes as well. Video-led videos are generally written while some are audio-based to create engaging online courses.

Assessments and quizzes

Assessments can help with gaining knowledge. Assessments and quizzes can be useful tools for improving and reviewing learning and for grading. Most software packages offer assessments or questions. Some will add it to a particular feature or charge additional charges through a plugin.

Online courses WordPress plugin integration

There may also be other LMS that offer more than one thing but they are not capable. Consider email marketing / email advertising / sales funnels. The easier the process will be for developing a cohesive online learning site.

Content restriction options

Create unlimited courses but Content limitations are useful if you want to offer free courses for each semester. Most LMS websites have this functionality so make sure the LMS plugin has this functionality in it.

The best WordPress LMS plugins 2022

We have listed the top WordPress LMS plugins including LifterLMS. The platform is among the most widely-known online LMSs. LifterLMS uses a smart drag-and-drop program builder that helps build courses on an online learning website. The process involved in creating the courses takes time. You may also develop a course of several different types, provide quizzes and assessments,s and generally make it the most entertaining possible. You can add modules, lesson and video sections, supplementary online modules, and create courses at a level you desire. All these plugins.

LifterLMS Review

LifterLMS can do everything correctly. This software is simple to use and works smoothly and logically when constructing course content. It’s free to test. The prices are steep, with each plugin being $89, so buying the bundle is worthwhile. Try LiftersLMS Bundle at $1 USDTutor LMS is a new LMS. It has no current reputation and a following like LifterLMS and Learnash so it will take a while before they do. The new LMS offers new energy as well as directions to the route and so popularity is practically guaranteed. Tutor LMS offers the high-quality learning tools you want but also puts considerable effort to secure users.

LifterLMS Price

This is a free WordPress LMS plugin because the core can be used for free but you will need additional functionality for it. The online courses bundle is $269 and the e-learning package is $111 for just $1.

Sensei LMS Overview

Sensei LMS delivers the services you need when selling online courses for additional revenue or to expand a store’s inventory. Creating and running the website is not enough. The software’s intuitive design is well developed, although more Lite LMSs than full LMSs can offer. Ideal sometimes, but not all the time. MemberPress is a well-known WordPress LMS plug-in which has an excellent reputation. This fully integrated learning management system has all the tools necessary for creating courses, submitting questions, and assignments, and finally selling them. It features neat interfaces to make learning easy.

Sensei LMS Price

Sensei LMS is a free WordPress LMS plugin that requires premium software plugins for various functions.

LearnDash review

LearnDash is a great product. We know they have excellent skills. I like them. Courses are easy to set up and maintain and often have premium features that are included in prices and you have everything to start an Online School. WP Courseware explains itself by its namesake. It’s an LMS plugin in WordPress. Currently, it’s an updated plugin but is used in universities of various levels. WP courseware has a clean and efficient design. The online demo has some of the most detailed details and explains the basics of using an LMS. e-mails are required to access this site.

online education

Tutor LMS Online courses plugin

Tutor LMS is one of many great WordPress LMS plugins available in the free version, enabling you to create courses. Its elegant design is simple to use and manage. You’ll have the ability to make your own online course easily and everything is broken up. Although the plugin is available for download for free, you will need a premium plan for any major job. LearnDash is an industry leader in WordPress LMS plugins. Using its web-based online platform it has become a widely popular tool used to create effective learning courses. One of the biggest advantages of LearningDash is the drag and drop course development.

Opinion of WP Courseware (wp courses LMS)

WP Courses is an intuitive and intelligent CMS for WordPress. It is well built and contains all the necessary tools you might not have. All the necessary items are included in the cheapest plan too, a good change. Sensei LMS developed by WooCommerce developers shares a few similarities. This extension to WooCommerce works naturally similarly just a few clicks to building a store. SenseiLMS is much simpler than most WordPress plugin choices to start paid courses online but is also less powerful in some aspects.


LearnPress is a simple but clean WordPress LMS plugin. It’s free to install however you may need to pay for downloadable LearningPress themes. The major negative is the lack of support for a premium LMS, which is primarily for customers in need. The basic LearnPage addons are free, but our support emails will respond in a few hours to answer your questions. There are also additional options such as certificate co-teaches, and WooCommerce support available for purchase. All LearnPress courses may be developed by adding quizzes or teaching exercises as they progress through their curriculum.

Namaste! LMS

While this plugin doesn’t quite match the other five in this article, Namaste! LMS cannot be ignored. Download this plugin to build and develop online classes without spending money. The Namaste premium theme is probably what the designer will use and starts in the region of $45. Also, thank you. The Pro package offers several extensions as well as premium support throughout the year. Namaste! Pro includes the option to award badges and files and protect them. It is a possibility for customers to use WooCommerce Easy Cart plugins or use WooCommerce.

MasterStudy LMS

Finally and certainly not lastly, there is an LMS plugin for MasterStuddy. This is our latest plugin LMS and is packed with features! It’s easy to build custom WordPress educational sites that are easily accessible. Download this plugin and it works with almost all themes. But if you want more time, MasterStudy has an exclusive WordPress theme that takes it immediately to another level! The themes begin from only $25. MasterStudy’s LMS plug-in makes it simple and intuitive for anyone to create amazing lessons.

WordPress plugins

Good LMS

The LMS is $31 per year and is the most popular LMS on WordPress CodeCanyon Marketplace. Interesting, given that there are many other WordPress LMS online course builder plugin types. However, the $31 fee gives you support and updates only once a year, but a single payment retains your ownership of the functionality of the plugin itself. So, this plugin is the most affordable premium version on this list to date. Good LMS offers features like a quiz and certificate program and is also a great plugin for WordPress.

Masteriyo Plugin

Masteriyo Plugin is an innovative LMS plugin designed to help users create and sell online courses. The easy-to-use CourseBuilders allows even beginners with limited experience in the use of the app. You have unlimited classes, lessons, and quizzes according to your requirements.

Teachable ($29 per month)

Teachable does not support the native LMS version of the WordPress website. Instead, it can be combined using WordPress for SaaS courses. You can use WordPress for your content and then use Teachable Power for private courses for your learners. You can connect both using tools such as Zapier. If you want to learn WordPress in the front-end, it could easily be skipped completely – it’s also an effective solution.


As listed above, We mentioned how to choose an online course WordPress plugin that you can add to an existing website that includes a course builder, and drag and drop features that help you offer online courses.

You should be choosing the one compatible with your online courses WordPress theme, and The most powerful WordPress LMS plugin ( Learning management system ) is the one that meets your requirements and budget to start selling online courses

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