How To Edit Footer in WordPress? (Easy and Fast Way)

What is Footer? The term Footer alludes typically to the base segment of a site page in the website architecture phrasing. It, as a rule, contains data like copyright sees connections to security strategy, credits, and so forth. In WordPress subject turn of events, the footer region of a site is generally characterized in the format record footer.    

The WordPress first page can comprise a header picture, a post or page, and afterward a footer area at the end of the page. The default footer segment is found inside the gadgets segment of WordPress. Note that footer situation and appearance may fluctuate dependent on the subject that you are utilizing.

The accompanying instructional exercise will walk you through the means to add Footer in the WordPress site through the Widgets area in the Dashboard and the Customize segment using the Twenty-twenty subject.

In this article, I am going to tell you some easy ways to edit Footer in WordPress. There are some methods for editing and adding Footer through elementor, which I’ll let you know step by step. Let’s check these out.

How To Edit Footer in WordPress?
How To Edit Footer in WordPress?

Guidelines on How To Edit Footer in WordPress?

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to edit the Footer in the WordPress site, and by Footer, I mean the copyright information.

At the very bottom, which can be tricky to change depending on which theme you’re using. No matter which piece you have there are a couple of ways of doing it usually. One is the theme options if your article has theme options or you can edit the Footer directly in the editor.

So first I’m going to show the theme options version, so if you go back to your Dashboard and head over to in this case if you are using the Aveda theme, it adds a theme options link. Also, the theme options link is under the Abeyta menu. 

  • Your theme may also have an entry like the Sarita one Divi does that so that Divi would have its link on the left-hand side usually at the bottom and then you can edit the theme options. 
  • Go into the theme options from there in Aveda there is a footer section if you have theme options
  • Your theme will likely have that too 
  • If we scroll to the very bottom, we see the copyright text footer, and above that, we have the opportunity to turn the copyright bar off completely
  • If you don’t want it but in this mumbo-jumbo to WP PhD calm and we’re just going to delete all the rest and then click on Save Changes 
  • If we go back to the page and click on the refresh 
  • This will now change to what I entered in that field

 Now that’s the absolute most straightforward way to edit Footer in WordPress, and I hope that’s what you have for your site. I hope you have it’s the options panel, or it can change like that because that’s super easy the other way is not so easy.

How to add a Footer in WordPress with Elementor?

  • Add a Footer by using Elementor. This is a new footer template from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Under my templates click the footer tab 
  • Add new which opens the default footer name your footer press 
  • Create a template this opens the blocks library offering a variety of inspiring blocks 
  • Choose a footer block and insert
  • With a footer theme template, you can change any area using the regular Elementor options and content and style
  • When designing your Footer keep in mind, that it’s mainly used for navigation but also to boost your site’s SEO 
  • By the way, you can also create your very own Footer from scratch now that you have your basic footer design 
  • Click publish, and the display conditions window will open. 
  • Add conditions from the drop-down menu choose an entire site or a specific page 
  • Publish refresh the page and voila you see it’s a world of difference with Elementor you control all aspects of your footer design

now if you visit any other page on your site, you’ll see the same Footer so put your best foot forward with Elementor’s footer template

Other methods for Editing Footer in WordPress website

I’m going to install a different theme that doesn’t have a theme options panel. 

  1. So we have to go right first to go to the blog or the website 
  2. See what the floor looks like so in this Footer we have proudly powered by WordPress 
  3. A lot of people don’t want that there so we’ve got to get rid of it 
  4. So the only way to do it because there are no theme options even in the customizer
  5. If we go to the customizer, it doesn’t have the opportunity to edit the Footer so you can see all these areas where you can edit things have all these little pencils
  6. Where you can edit stuff if we go down the very bottom probably, there’s a white stop symbol meaning 
  7. Sometimes it’s straightforward, but other times there’s a bit of trial and error just do a search for the footer dot PHP file and click on it to open it 
  8. I want to go back to this site I want to copy this text and then search for it, and we get zero results meaning they’ve muddied the actual book proudly powered by WordPress
  9. So there’s no easy way to edit it out 
  10. You want to be careful in this file you won’t mess around too much because it’s PHP you put coal in the wrong spot
  11. The whole site goes down; you don’t want to mess around too much unless you know what you’re doing in 
  12. I’m going to instead right-click on and click on inspect and then I’m going to see what is around that URL tag 
  13. So we have the site info class, copy that and see if you can find that in the 
  14. If we go back to the website and look at the inspector, we see it the rap is where the site info starts 
  15. This is where the rap is, and the rap ends way down here which means all this highlighted code is part of that Footer 
  16. Now you don’t want to delete all of it because there’s some functionality you might not want to delete for example you can see the piece of code allows you to add widgets to the Footer
  17. If we check on the in the widgets menu on the under appearance open that in a new tab 
  18. We see that there are two footer widget areas Footer one Footer to two different widget areas 
  19. So if we’re just without thinking to remove this piece of code, we can’t add those witnesses anymore so what we want to do is remove only that proudly powered by 
  20. We have social links, we can add in there, and the very last thing is this footer site info which is the last thing in that the code so this must be the one that’s produced and proudly powered by 
  21. So I’m just going to comment that out by adding two forward slashes 
  22. Click on update file generally; you don’t want to delete stuff from your PHP files in the WordPress 
  23. Just comment things out because then it’s quickly brought back to life later on 
  24. If it ends up breaking things or if it ends up doing not what you want 
  25. So when I refresh this page, they’re proudly powered by is now gone 
  26. Then what you could probably do if we know a little bit about PHP 
  27. Even if you don’t just try what I’m doing echo and echo the stuff, that you want to have in there and see if it works, so 2017 WP all rights reserved 
  28. This is a regular legal mumbo-jumbo
  29. I can’t spell it though reserved 
  30. There we go finally click on the update file, and if everything goes well this is just going to add that piece of text into the Footer

please refresh this page, and there it is we have our updated copyright info, and we’ve removed the proudly powered by WordPress info

We did that right in the PHP file unfortunately for some themes you got to do it right in the PHP, and you want to be careful here because if you do the wrong thing the whole site goes down. 


Add footer section in WordPress creating the footer menu is relatively simple. It’s nothing to be afraid of, and I’m going to show you some simple steps you can take to create and manage footer menus on your website.

  • The first thing to do is log in to your WordPress website
  • If you’re not sure how to do that all that you need to do is navigate to your domain
  • You need to add on ford slash wp-admin WP – on the ends to get to the login screen for the WordPress dashboard 
  • Once you’ve logged into the WordPress dashboard, you need to navigate over to appearance menus which brings you to this screen 
  • So what we’re looking at here now is the menu creation screen
  • I’m going to tell you the simple steps you can take to create a footer menu 
  • So now footer with a few items to set this menu to display in the Footer
  • It would help if you looked at the menu settings section on your WordPress website and specifically show the location 
  • You want to click the footer menu and click Save 
  • Where this is saying, so this is the homepage for this development domain there’s nothing on 
  • It’s using the visual composer starter theme which is a free basic theme with no styling but
  • Now the footer menu is just from scratch I’m going to create a new menu for you 
  • Click on the start menu for a couple of links 
  • So when our menu settings which are currently set to display in the Footer 
  • If you click this, it will override it and replace it 
  • So when we click on the save menu now and refresh the page 
  • There will say link one link to link 3 showing us that the steps we’ve taken have worked 
  • We’ve displayed a new menu in our Footer so if I refresh the page voila link 1 2 & 3 you get rid of this one a second 
  • So I’m going to add the content I had on my original foot of the menu and just put it where the primary menu 
  • So is now up in the primary menu this is down in the footer menu so simple and straightforward
  • I’ll walk you through the steps again quickly to give you an overview you need to come into appearance and menus 
  • It would help if you created a new menu unless you have an existing menu you’d like to display in the Footer 
  • You need to check the content of your menu 
  • You can also move it around create sub-items sub-items move it about up and down as you see fit 
  • When you’re ready and happy with the menu, click into the menu settings section look at the display location 
  • Click it to display in the Footer click Save, and you’re good to go

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These are some popular and easy methods for editing and adding Footer in WordPress. You can easily do editing by following these steps, or you are a beginner too. Hopefully, you found this guiding article useful for you in how to edit Footer in WordPress.

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