How To Fix: The Page Cannot Be Displayed Because An Internal Server Error Has Occurred?

Database server errors are usually triggered by plugin or theme functional that causes “the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred” in WordPress.

We seem to be aware of two other potential causes of database server inaccuracy in WordPress: a corrupted .htaccess folder, as well as a PHP, had for.

One of the most popular WordPress errors is a database server error. Many beginners discover the error frustrating because it provides no additional information. In this article, we would then demonstrate how to quickly resolve an inner server error in WordPress.

Why does a Database Server error happen in WordPress?

the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred to WordPress.

  • This could occur to any website that is hosted on a web server. Because of the generic nature of this error, it provides no information to the development company.
  • Inquiring about how to resolve an inner server error is equivalent to calling your specialist on how to ease pain without revealing the source of the hurt.
  • Database server errors in WordPress are usually triggered by plugin or thematic features. Other potential causes of database server error in WordPress that we will be aware of include a corrupted .htaccess document, as well as a PHP, had for.
  • We’ve also got to hear of database server errors only appearing once trying to enter the admin region, whereas the relaxation of the site functions normally.

That said, however, let us just look at where to diagnose the problem the inner server issue in WordPress.

Check for a Corrupt .htaccess File

  • Once trying to diagnose the server issue in WordPress, the very first step is to look for just a corrupt in the .htaccess file.
  • You could indeed accomplish this by changing the name of your main .htaccess file to something like .htaccess old.
  • To change the name of the .htaccess, log into your server via FTP or Click Add file in your hosting account’s admin panel file manager.
  • After renaming the .htaccess document, actually, visit your webpage to see whether the situation has been fixed. If it did, slap oneself on the back for resolving the internal server error.

Before proceeding, ensure that you can go to the Settings » General . in fact page in the WordPress dashboard as well as click the save click without making major changes. This would create a new .htaccess file for you, complete with rewrite rules, to make sure that your post documents do not come back with a 404 error.

Increase PHP memory size

To resolve this, follow our guide on how to boost the PHP memory size in WordPress.

If users see only internal server issues once attempting to create an account to your WordPress dashboard or submit an image in your WordPress.

If you can only see the inner server issue once attempting to login to your WordPress dashboard or posting a picture in your wp-admin, you could perhaps increase the memory size by implementing measures:

  • Make a new text file named php.ini.
  • Fill in gaps with the sample code: memory=64MB
  • Save file.
  • Use FTP, and transfer it to your /wp-admin/ file.
  • Many users reported that performing the aforementioned steps resolved the admin separate issue for them.
  • If increasing the memory size solved the issue for you, it was only a temporary solution. You should still determine what is causing your memory limit to be exceeded.
  • This might be the result of a bad encoding plugin or a theme feature. We highly urge you to request that your WordPress web hosts examine the host logs to assist you in locating accurate diagnostic tests.

Turn off all plugins

Because none of the options previous section started working for you, the error has been most probably triggered by a single plugin. It’s also feasible that it’s a problem with a group of plugins that aren’t getting along.

Unfortunately, there is also no simple way of finding out. You must disable all WordPress plugins at the same time.

Upload WordPress New Core Files

If the plugin choice did not fix the internal server error, re-uploading the WordPress and including folders from the new WordPress installation is recommended.

  • It’ll never delete any of your data, but it could cure the issue if any files were corrupted.
  • To start, go to and click the download button.
  • This would download and install the WordPress zip files from the internet. You must Unzip the zipped file, which contains WordPress files.
  • Open FTP client would then upload those folders to your server.
  • This will ask if you want to overwrite these same documents.
  • Then choose ‘Overwrite,’ and afterward ‘Always use this action.
 the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred
the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred
  • Your FTP client now will replace the old WordPress files with relatively new, fresher duplicates.
  • If one WordPress file has been compromised, this step would then resolve the internal server issue for you.

Ask for your web host support

If all of the above techniques fail to correct the internal server error on your website, it is time to ask for professional assistance. Contact your website services support team, and they’ll be able to analyze the server logs as well as determine the root of the issue.

If you want to proceed with tinkering with your own, check out our final WordPress troubleshooting steps for newbies.

The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred

I was having some issues later this evening with just an old.NET 2.0 facility that I wished to migrate from my old server to Azure Website. I didn’t need to make any changes to the website; all I wished for was for it to operate on Azure.

So I made an Azure Webpage and posted all the documents via FTP – no issues. When I went to the site, I have some completely pointless Windows errors:

The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

As a development company, the first stuff I attempted was to set CustomErrors=”Off” in Considered while choosing, but then that didn’t help.

I did google this with Bing as well as discovered that I wasn’t the only one who thought this error was pointless, so I devised a workaround.

Underneath the Settings tab in Azure Portal, I facilitated diagnostic tests.

Scroll down a bit. Set both the implementation as well as the site diagnostic tools to An on and Verbose, as shown in the screen below.

It is critical to enable Thorough Common Error Messages

After facilitating some diagnostic tests, save and reboot the webpage so to be sure.

I after which went to the site as well as entered the site’s SCM.

Why am I unable to view the page?

The page cannot be showcased caused of an internal server error. Look into site slots if you’re running on Azure. Warm up the pages on an organized vacant spot before switching them to the manufacturing slot.

Why isn’t my website loading on my computer?

Websites are not going to open in just about any Web browser. If websites do not open in just about any Internet browser, your desktop might well be infected with the virus or malware. A few viruses, as well as malware, protect websites from having opened.

Why are so many of my pictures not appearing on my website?

When just a few photos are lacking, the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred you’re going to visit, not with your desktop or search engine. More particularly, some photos do not load for one or more of the reasons stated below. The picture’s URL (spot) is not correctly pointed to by the website page.

Why am I unable to launch a website?

A few viruses make it impossible for websites to access or pack in any Web browser. We suggest that you scan your desktop for viruses and eliminate any that you find. If ransomware is discovered and removed, the problem may well be resolved, and you will be willing to open web pages again.

Why am I unable to access a specific website on the Internet?

There could be several reasons why you are unable to access a specific website on the internet. These include problems with the internet browser, the website, and the broadband internet.

Why am I unable to access a website on some other console?

If indeed the site loads properly on some other device, one of your internet browser’s plugins or extenders may be interfering with the site’s loading. If the page is loaded in your browser’s private browsing method, you could indeed methods allow it by deactivating extensions, having to clear your cookies, or restarting your browser to its default options.

Why is the site not loading or opening in just about any browser?

We frequently come all over websites that do not load or allow access in any web browser whilst also surfing the web. This can occur due to a variety of purposes, including server issues, expiration date domains, reroute mistakes, host errors, etc.

Why do some web pages refuse to load in any browser?

Occasionally web sites struggle to open due to service errors, slow processing loading, the spot becoming stuck, as well as a variety of other issues.

Why is the webpage failing to stack on my desktop?

If your system is compromised with a piece of malware or viral infection, your website may not pack. Or even the webpage is unavailable or blocked in your area. The causes of the Website not trying to load mistakes are listed above. Because the problem could be caused by a variety of factors, you should experiment with various cures for your computer.

Why am I unable to connect to definite websites on my computer?

Your Windows Firewall is preventing access to a specific website. The webpage is being loaded from your browser’s inner cache. A homepage renewal has been managed to install in your browser.

 Your wifi has indeed been incorrectly designed or requires a hard reboot.

What am I doing if I am unable to gain access to safeguard websites?

If you are still unable to connect to websites, seek assistance from the Microsoft Social community. Unless you are unable to access any internet sites, you are most likely not interconnected.

Why can’t I start a site?

A few viruses is a virus and ransomware protect web pages from having opened or loading in any Browser. We suggest that you scan your pc for it and eliminate any malware or viruses. If malware is detected and removed, the problem may be resolved and you’ll be able to open websites once more.

Why can’t I access the internet on my computer?

Correct as well as select Perspective wifi networks, after which Alter settings tab. Once inside, navigate to the Wireless networks tab as well as begin configuring your network from there. the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred to ensure that you might connect in that manner. Then gradually replace the items to determine whichever one (if any) caused this problem.

What should I do if I didn’t communicate to a user’s browser?

It may not fix everybody’s connectivity problems, although it is one solution if you didn’t communicate.

What should I do if I am unable to connect to another website?

Move to the next step if you are unable to communicate with some other website. Try connecting to the same system with some other computer or phone. If you could somehow attach it, the issue is most likely with your gadget; going to the segment Network trying to fix the page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred. Move to the next step if no device could indeed connect to the network.

How do I solve a wifi router that won’t link up?

You could use some Internet programs. A router can only access the internet via a wired network. See Debugging Wireless Communications for more information. Your Intermediary supplied you with a router that supports Packet Switching (NAT) (NAT). Contact your ISP as well as request that your modem be set to Infrastructure mode. Internet connection did lose after it had heretofore been operational.

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