WordPress Add_menu_page

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This method needs a capacity that would be used to decide whether or not such a page should have been included in the menu.

The feature that is connected to manage the page’s outcome also must verify that the consumer has the made operational. Then we should know everything related to WordPress add_menu_page.

WordPress add_menu_page

wordpress add_menu_page
wordpress add_menu_page

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What exactly is Add menu page?

This method needs a capacity that would be used to decide whether or not such a page should have been included in the menu. The feature that is connected to manage the page’s outcome still must verify that the consumer has the made operational.

This feature adds a new object to the admin panel’s navigation bar.


  • page title, menu title, capability, menu slug, $feature, icon URL, $role.
  • page title (sequence of characters) The words that will be showcased in the page’s page titles whenever the menu is chosen.
  • menu title(string) The words that will appear on the menu.
  • ability to (string) The capacity needed for the consumer to see this menu.
  • menu slug(string) The slug title that will be used to relate to this menu 
  • (callable) perform (optional) The operation that will be named to generate the substance for this page.
  • (string) icon URL (optional) This is the Web address to the symbol which will be used for this menu.
  • position (integer) (optional) This is the role in the menu sequence where this one should show up.


  • And here’s a collection of the position’s categorical imperatives.
  • Dashboard
  • Separator 
  • Media 
  • Links 
  • Pages 
  • Media 
  • Plugins for Separator Looks
  • Setups for Consumers’ Techniques


The hook suffix eventually results in page.

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Display for Appearance Menus

The Menu Display allows the creation of a personalized menu. It is a segment of the website that assists viewers in navigating the website. Depending on the style, a site would then generally have one menu bar, although a few motifs could allow for supplementary or footer menu options. It is critical to have a simple navigation bar to avoid confusing your viewers.

You could indeed add various items to your menus, such as interconnections to a webpage, publications, classifications, or specially made links to a URL of your selection, such as from a site, and choose the command as well as management structure of the objects (possibility of creating submenus). In a nutshell, your menu is fully customizable.

The Appearance Menu Display can be accessed from the Dashboard by going to Appearance > Menu options.

Choices for the Screen

The Screen Choices allow us to set which components should or should not be showcased in the underpinning Screen. When you press on the Screen Options tab, you’ll see a range of suggested modules as well as choices, each with a checkbox next to it. Check a box next to each module or choice you want to see.

How to Make a Drop-Down Menu in WordPress 

It is critical that your consumers can efficiently and rapidly connect whatever they require on your site.

A very well navigation systems menu, particularly if you’ve amassed a large number of pages as well as posts, would then make it simple for users to browse everything that you have to focus on providing. This straightforward characteristic could also help you reduce bounce rates and keep customers engaged for longer.

This essay will show you how to make a drop-down menu in WordPress. Let’s get this timing right!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding a Drop-Down Menu

As you may have noticed while browsing various websites, there are different kinds of navigation systems menus. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most obvious options.

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Make Menu Options

To begin, go to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress dashboard. The options will be influenced in part by your chosen subject.

Create a Menu Structure

Your menu has not yet been organized at this point. It will all appear in the order that it was decided to add. There is also no drop-down feature at this time. So next step is to address those two issues.

Include CSS in Your Menu

You can use CSS classes to create a custom sense of style for your drop-down menu.

Check Out Your Menu

Your menu is almost prepared to do it at this spot. Nevertheless, before you finalize it, you might like to verify it out in the Customizer. This provides flexibility and observes the results in real-time.

Make Your Menu Public

When you’re finished, you could indeed publish your new menu with a click of the mouse.

What exactly is a Navigation Menu?

A navigation menu is a list of connections that lead to key areas of a website. They are typically displayed as a horizontal line of links at the top of each page on a website.

Navigation menus assist users to discover what it is they’re going to look for by ensuring conformity to your site.

WordPress makes it extremely simple to create menu options as well as sub-menus. Links with your most relevant page, classifications or subjects, articles, or even specially made links like your Facebook account could be added.

The specific location of your menu would be determined by your WordPress theme. Most themes would have several choices, allowing us to create menu options that can be showcased in various locations.

For example, often these WordPress themes include a main menu that sits at the top. A secondary menu, a footer menu, or a mobile menu bar might be included in some themes.

In WordPress, how do I stay hidden in page titles?

Click on the settings symbol in the lower-left corner of the page. Then, to delete the headline from the page or post, check the conceal title box. The same method could be used to cover up the title of a post or a page on your WordPress website.

What exactly is a top-level page?

A top-level page is a clipboard page it is not an engrained page and is usually formed using the Site technique. In normal operating conditions, the system generates a large number of the main page. Another top-level page.

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