How To Hide WordPress Featured Image?

How To Hide WordPress featured image? Sometimes, it’s hard to hide Featured Images in WordPress posts. A Featured Image allows developers to add a visual element to their posts or pages.

This feature is popularly known as ‘Featured Image’ in WordPress. Other template tags or website builders use the term ‘Post Thumbnail’ instead. Either way, it’s something you’ve undoubtedly come across!

Incorporating this feature into any WordPress theme is simple. Theme authors just add a snippet to their functions.php file. Users can set the featured image through the Post Edit feature. In some WordPress themes, you can style them too. Make sure you enable it from the admin panel first! 

A Featured Image can appear on your home page, category posts, or even blog sections. The visibility can be controlled by the WordPress Theme you use. Often times, Featured Images dominate the page.

Your viewers would have to scroll the image before getting to the main body. That’s irritating to some. 

Now, you can easily insert a Featured Image in most themes. It’s harder to hide Featured Images in WordPress posts. Some themes have in-built features to remove these images. Most do not.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different ways you can delete images in certain posts.

The article “How to Hide Featured Images on Individual Posts in WordPress” aims to clear all confusion regarding this. So without further ado, let’s see how to hide featured images in WordPress posts! 

wordpress featured image
WordPress featured image

Firstly, check if your WordPress theme has the option to hide a Featured Image. You can do this in a few simple steps: 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Go to the Posts options and press on the All Posts button. 
  • Now press Edit to find a list of options. 
  • You can find the option to remove the images under ‘Featured Image.’

If you still can’t locate it, your theme probably doesn’t have an option to hide featured images. Some SEO-friendly themes are fully customizable. Rara Business Pro, Divi, and Astra are fan favorites! This process bears no additional cost. 

Let’s take the Astra theme as an example and see how to hide a Featured Image in a post. 

  • Activate the Astra theme after purchase. 
  • Add a new post or page from the Main Menu. 
  • Go to Settings. You’ll find it on the right side of the editor panel. 
  • Locate the ‘Disable Featured Image’ option. 
  • Click on the box beside it. 

Voila, you’re done! These few simple steps will help you hide a Featured Image in a WordPress post only if the option is available. So what do you do when you don’t have the feature? You use a WordPress Plugin, of course! Let’s see how it gets the job done. 

If your theme isn’t equipped with the option to remove Featured Images, you need to switch to plugins. Again, the process is pretty straightforward. Just go to the WordPress Plugins repository and search for “Hide Featured Image.” You’ll find one in an instant. Let’s break it down. 

  • Search for the desired plugin. 
  • Install it to incorporate it into your theme. 
  • Click the Activate button to get it running. 
  • Look for the ‘Post’ section and open the post that you want to edit.
  • Scroll to find the ‘Hide Featured Image’ feature.
  • Click on ‘Hide Featured Image.’
  • Save the changes to get rid of the image!

The ‘Hide Featured Image’ was developed by shahpranaf. Mind you, this feature gets the job done but it’s been updated over a year ago. This means it’s not tested with the current themes. You can check whether it tested or not while installing. Check the image below for reference. 

Hide Featured Image Plugins

In this case, it may not even be compatible. This is why you can look into the alternate plugins that get the job done. There is one called ‘Conditionally display featured image on singular posts and pages.’ This was developed by Cyrill Bolliger. It’s compatible with the latest WordPress version too. 

Let’s look at the process from scratch.

  • Firstly, log in to the WordPress dashboard. 
  • Go to the Plugins option and click on ‘Add new.’
  • Search for ‘Conditionally display featured image on singular posts and pages.’
  • Press ‘Install’ to insert the plugin.
  • Click on ‘Activate.’ 
  • Go to Pages or Posts and tap on ‘Add New.’
  • Scroll to find the ‘Featured Image’ option.
  • Look through the features and select the ‘Hide’ option. 
  • Press click to get it done!

With this, you can even hide Featured Images in WordPress posts on some specific post categories! 

That’s not all. There’s another plugin you use if the other two fail. It’s called ‘Quick Featured Images.’ While you may not ‘hide’ featured images. You can easily remove them. This means you won’t have them backed up in your theme. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Search for the Plugin option and select ‘Add New.’ 
  • Look for ‘Quick Featured Images’ on the search bar. (It’s on the top right!)
  • Press ‘Install’ to get the plugin in your theme. 
  • Click on ‘Activate’ to get started!

install and activate quick featured images

Keep in mind that you won’t hide Featured Images in WordPress posts, you’ll be removing them entirely.

If you’re looking for a more thorough process, you can hide featured images with codes. There are multiple ways you can go with this. In this method, you’ll be using CSS to hide thumbnail images. You can add a custom code through the file structure directory. 

  • Go to the main dashboard.
  • Find the WordPress themes directory. 
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Find the customization option.
  • In the dropdown list, click the additional Style Code.
  • Now add the CSS display none code in your theme. 
  • You can remove this code from the single page or comment on the thumbnail code.

The image below will help you through the process. 

You can also use codes to hide the Featured Image in a single post. 

  • Go to a Single Post Page. 
  • Get the Class or ID of the thumbnail code. 
  • Click on the right button on the web page. 
  • Select the Featured Image to collect the class. 
  • Apply the code below with the name of the code.
.Typeclass {
    display: none;    


You can also remove the Featured Image from a single.php file. The process is similar. Just click on the page.php option from the WordPress directory instead of the Single Post one. 

Can you remove a Featured Image from a Home Page too? Yes, you can! WordPress Themes like Astra already have this built-in feature. You can use CSS code to get the job done too. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Especially if you have some experience in this area. 

All you have to do is add this simple CSS code to your theme’s CSS area. 

body.home .entry-thumbnail {
display: none;

You learned about all the ways you can hide a Featured Image on a WordPress theme. Why are they important to begin with? 

Visuals are impactful. They capture the attention of viewers. This is why websites need strong, vivid Featured Images. A good Featured Image would help increase traffic. A great one will elevate the user experience. This is why visual elements play an essential role in WordPress Websites. 

Infographics play a huge role in customer retention. The image that appears on the top of your page is meant to captivate. You can find them on your blog posts or website covers. You can optimize your page by adding these. There are plugins that help you use multiple images in a single post. 

One such plugin is the ‘Dynamic Feature Image’ by Ankit Pokhrel. You can get it for free. This helps you add multiple images and thumbnail functionalities to your post. You can achieve all of this without learning how to code. WordPress went out of its way to make your life easier! 

In short, these are the benefits: 

  • You get more visitors by displaying enticing images.
  • Your readers understand your content better. 
  • You can set your website’s done. 
  • You can optimize your website and improve traffic. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you build an ideal webpage. 

Use images by Creative Commons. 

Creating images is a piece of cake if you have a talented illustrator on your team. If not, you’re in for a harder time. In this case, you can use images licensed by Creative Commons. If you regularly post new content, you’ll need plenty of images. They need to be unique and eye-catchy too. 

Creative Commons has a wealth of third-party images to meet this problem. More importantly, these images are free. You can even modify some of the images. It depends on the licenses though. So if you want to tweak these images, pay close attention to the license. Just don’t forget to refer to the source!

Featured Images dominate your website. High-quality images dampen your loading rate. Make sure you optimize each of your Feature Images before uploading. You can also find plugins that compress them without damaging the quality. 

Keep a consistent style. 

If you’re going to use Featured Images, you need to remember that they represent your brand. They set the tone. Do you want to be professional or fun? Think about it before choosing your images. 

You can create a template with multiple images if address multiple issues. Be consistent. They will bring coherence to your content. You don’t want your Featured Image to dominate the website!

Featured Images play a crucial role in many WordPress websites. A single image can completely transform the website. It ultimately depends on your branding strategy. Ask yourself what type of content you wish to create. Pinpoint the purpose of your website. 

If you’re promoting a brand or service, you need Featured Images to immediately set the tone. Other website owners claim it only makes the content cluttered. This is why you won’t find many images in blogs. Such users prefer to highlight their work by keeping things simple. 

There are several more disadvantages of using Feature Images with Your WordPress posts. New website users don’t know where to get licensed images for free. They often get things off the internet and face copyright issues later. They end up creating their content. 

This comes with obvious trouble. One, you would need to regularly create visual content. Images can be captured easily but editing takes a longer time. You also need to invest money to produce these. Especially, if you hire a professional photographer or designer. 

Secondly, you would need to follow a consistent style. You wouldn’t want your Feature Image to look out of place. They would need to match your overall theme. Creating similar content takes more effort. You can change a design in so many ways after all! 

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Considering everything, it just feels easier to hide Featured Images in WordPress posts. Of course, the decision is entirely up to you. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, go for it! Just remember your audience and work on how they want to perceive you. 

If you choose not to, you can use any of the methods above to hide the Featured Images in posts. The steps are pretty simple! Especially if the feature is already built-in. You can also use the plugins to hide them in specific posts only. The WordPress theme is your canvas. It’s up to you to design it!

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