Best WordPress Survey Plugins? (Best 3 Plugins)

WordPress Survey Plugins? For WordPress users, creating a survey with survey plugins is easier. Using a WordPress survey plugin, you can integrate surveys and even analyze the data within the plugin. It is easy to immediately choose a WordPress survey plugin that does not cost a penny. However, many of these options provide limited results when you collect feedback from visitors to your site. That is why we search the market for the best WordPress survey plugins by locating outliers, price comparison, and ultimately handling those that provide seamless survey creation and advanced features. In this article, we will compare the best plugins for WordPress surveys on the market. 

The best WordPress survey plugins 

Ideally, WordPress Survey Plugins do not require coding to create your surveys or publish them on your site. Also, there are several items I’m looking for to make sure I don’t spend money on a survey tool that lacks the essentials. 


  • WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin on the market.
  • It comes with a powerful survey and survey plugin that allows you to quickly create highly engaging survey forms.
  • You can combine the survey and survey add-in with other powerful WPForms features such as conditional logic, multi-page forms, custom notifications, email integration, and more.
  • With WPForms, you can add any form field to your survey with a click of a button, including a text box, check boxes, radio buttons, classifications, likert scale, NPS sort field, and more.
  • The best part of WPForms surveys is the reporting section.
  • WPForms automatically generates attractive reports with graphs and graphs based on survey responses. You can display the survey results with a shortcode on any WordPress page, or you can redirect your users to the results page after completing the survey.
  • Unlike other WordPress form plugins, WPForms allows you to enable survey reports for each of your existing forms. You can export beautiful survey charts as images that you want to share on social networks or in your PowerPoint presentations.
  • You can also print reports to include them in your suggestions or ringtones.
  • WPForms recently launched its conversation form mode, which improves form completion by making the form interaction more humane 

Pricing: You can use WPForms for free, but to access the Polls & Voting add-on, you need to upgrade to a paid plan starting at $39.50 per year. 

Quiz and Survey Master

  • This master WordPress plugin provides a complete set of products and features designed primarily to create surveys and place them on WordPress sites and publications.
  • Quiz and Survey Master is designed to help you add questionnaires and surveys to your WordPress site. It does not have the most user-friendly interface, but it is well documented and has many useful features.
  • With the free basic plugin, you can create surveys with all common form fields and even create multi-page surveys. You can also use it to add interactive answers, leaderboards, and score quizzes to WordPress.
  • The plugin can also send emails after completing the survey to thank users or redirect them to any page of your WordPress site. For reporting and analysis, you need to purchase a separate premium plugin. With its minimalist design elements and visual block builder, the plugin serves as a solid choice for those who want to focus more on surveys, unlike the many plugins that offer forms with added survey elements.
  • Easily create user surveys and customize areas such as text, questions, and messages that appear after user submissions. It is a flexible solution that includes questionnaires along with surveys. We like that you can create a survey or test with correct answers or open subjective answers to collect information about your users.

Pricing The main plugin is free. The premium plugin starts at $79 per year and offers advanced tools such as landing pages, output exports, and conditional logic. There are several add-ons available that can be accessed through the $129 premium package per year or by individual purchase. 

YOP Poll plugin

  • The YOP Poll plugin is a wonderful starting point for those who do not want to venture into the world of premium payment plugins for surveys.
  • This is understandable in many situations, as many companies or people do not have to pay for surveys when simple data collection is all they need.
  • YOP Poll doesn’t have the most beautiful design interface, but it is easy to understand, it provides basic templates and you don’t have to mess with the code. Individual and multiple responses are possible, along with planning and multiple surveys running simultaneously.
  • The design of your survey or survey is done in the WordPress dashboard. Create questions and answers, and then set options such as the total reconciliation allowed and the end date of this survey. After that, you can publish the survey and view the results in the same area of the dashboard.
  • It is good that each of these pages has settings that you can configure for your own dashboard configuration. For example, you might want to display the results as percentages compared to raw numbers. You can also sort the results automatically before viewing them.

Pricing: There is a free version with many features. After that, you can start with the personal version of $17 per year with advanced features like video questions, Facebook integrations, and countdown timers.

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That’s why today we save you the search for the best WordPress Survey Plugins and the 3 best survey plugins available both Premium and Free. But before you get into the plugins, you will get a brief introduction to what exactly WordPress Survey plugins are and why you need them. So, let’s get into this right now! We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress Survey Plugins for your site. 

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