WordPress Disable Comments Step by Step

WordPress Disable Comments Step by Step. With WordPress, you can turn off comments on specific posts, pages or custom post types, or even completely delete comments from the entire site. Especially since comments can often be self-advertising, spam, and sometimes hurtful.

In addition, moderator comments can be included in your uptime. In this article, we will show you step by step how to disable comments on WordPress. We’ll also talk more about why you might want to disable comments on WordPress. 

WordPress disable comments on future posts

  • If you have just started your WordPress site, you can easily stop comments on your future posts.
  • To do this, go to Settings “Discussion in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel.
  • On this page, you need to deselect the option “Allow people to post comments on new items” and then click the Save Changes button to save the settings.
  • This will disable comments on all future posts. However, if you want to allow or not allow comments on a particular post, you can do so without changing these settings. 

WordPress disables comments on all published posts (or pages)

  • If you simply do not disable comments as mentioned above, the flow of comments to existing publications and pages will not stop.
  • To remove all comments from all existing posts, visit the > Comments panel. Here you can select the comments you want to delete, click Summary Actions, select “Move to Trash”, and then click the Apply button. 

WordPress disables comments on a specific page or post

  • By default, comments are disabled on all your pages. However, WordPress gives you the freedom to enable or disable comments on individual pages and posts.
  • Just go to Pages “All pages in the left sidebar. On the next page, hover over the title of a page that you want to enable or disable comments, and click the Edit link. 
  • On the top/right of your page you will see the icon with the three vertical dots. You must click it to open a drop-down menu, and then click Options. This opens a pop-up window and you need to make sure that the discussion board is enabled here.
  • Once you close this modal field, you will see the discussion meta box on the right side of your editor. If you don’t see it, be sure to click the Document tab to view it. You can now clear the Allow comments check box to turn off comments on this page and click Refresh to save your changes. However, if you want to selectively enable comments, you can simply select the check box to enable them for specific pages. You can perform the same operation to disable comments on individual posts or other custom post types. 

WordPress disables comments on selected posts or pages in bulk

  • in the selected publications (or pages) in bulk: this time, we go to the All Posts section. Select all posts for which you want to delete comments.
  • Then, click Bulk Actions > Edit > Apply. A new bulk edit option opens, allowing you to select the Do not allow comments option. You can only choose from 20 posts at a time, as this is the default setting for viewing posts on the All Posts screen. To see more on each screen, make changes to Display Options. 

WordPress disable comments in media files

  • We are not finished yet because posts can still receive comments in media files.
  • When you upload an image to your post, an attachment is created.
  • This file will continue to receive comments even if you turned it off for the appropriate post.
  • To disable comments on WordPress for these attachments, visit Media Library, select the media file, and click Edit. You can find a “Discussion” field similar to the text editor for posts, and you can turn off comments there.
  • You cannot edit media files massively using WordPress settings, but you can do this by adding code to your theme file. 

How to delete all WordPress comments?

How To Delete All WordPress Comments In 2021 » Askjitendrakumar.com

Delete all WordPress comments While the above methods disable comments on your posts and pages, existing comments are not removed from your WordPress site. To remove all comments from your site, click Comments in the left sidebar of the admin panel.

Then select all comments, select Move to Trash from the Summary Actions drop-down menu, and click Apply. This will remove any existing comments from your site. If your site contains a lot of comments, you will need to repeat this step several times. 

Disable WordPress comments in an easy way Using a plugin

If you do not want to manually disable comments, you can use the plugin to disable comments to do so with a single click. This allows you to completely disable comments anywhere on your WordPress site.

You can also turn them off for certain types of publications, such as publications, pages, media, and others. It also deletes the comment form and no longer displays any existing comments.

The first step is to install and enable the Disable Comment Plugin. You can follow our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin for detailed instructions.

After activating the plugin, go to Settings “Disable Comments” in the left sidebar of your admin panel. If you choose the first option, you can disable comments on your WordPress site.

The plugin also removes the comment point from your WordPress admin area. The second option allows you to selectively disable comments on your posts, pages or media.

If you want to remove comments only from media attachments, you can select the For specific publication types radio button, and then select the Media check box. You can do the same if you want to disable comments only on WordPress sites.

Using the plugin is the easiest way to disable comments on WordPress sites. When you’re done, click Save Changes to complete the process. 

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Sometimes you want to encourage visitors to your site to ask questions and start conversations with each other. However, if you want to avoid spam content or improve performance, you should disable WordPress comments instead. There are three ways to do it. You can disable comments about WordPress Anyways.

We hope this detailed guide helped you to completely disable comments on WordPress with and without using a plugin. 

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