How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress? (Simple, Easy and Complete Guideline)

How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress? Embedding to the combination of connections, pictures, recordings, and other substances into web-based media posts or other web media. Inserted content shows up as a feature of a post and supplies a visual component that empowers expanded navigation and commitment.

Installing outer substance is a compelling method to expand commitment with web-based media posts. An investigation by Social Media Examiner demonstrated that pictures increment connection rates to 87% on Facebook posts and 35% on Twitter.

Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress
Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress

Why does inserting content expands commitment?

Inserted content incorporates yet isn’t restricted to blog entries, articles, pictures, video, GIFs and that’s just the beginning. Using an installed substance to integrate other media into posts is successful for two critical reasons: 

Sticks out: With an ocean of substance to filter through, inserted content enables a post to stand apart to clients in their news channel. 

Offers something of significant worth: Users don’t need to peruse a post and translate the reason with inserted content. The title of video, interface, another type of media passes on the basis and promptly offers something of significant worth to clients and is bound to be seen as educational, instead of planned to profit the organization somehow or another.

In this article, we talk about a better way How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress.

Whether you knew it or not when you embed a YouTube video on your website, whether your visitor plays that video or not YouTube pushes some assets for the visitor to download, whether they click play or not and it makes the page a little heavier.

It certainly makes the size of the download of that page larger it adds additional requests. 

These are to be the instructions in the method to have this not be the case, and it’s a manual thing. When you scroll down here, there are going to be instructions to copy and paste a bunch of code and all, but there is an easier way. 

 That was recently released in the add-on package ultimate add-ons for Elementor its right here it’s their new video element. 

 There are several different ways to do this, and I’ll walk you through each one of the other methods, and I’ll also help you choose which one of the methods is probably the best for your specific situation. 

Check out some easy methods of How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress?

Let’s get started and jump right into the first way in which you learn how I embed YouTube video in WordPress:

  • The first method is the easiest way to get a YouTube video onto your site it uses word presses Owen bed feature. This feature allows you to paste the YouTube video URL directly into your visual editor. it will automatically embed the video for you
  • So let’s go to YouTube and pull up a video that we want to embed, now there are two different URLs that we can use
  • The first is up in the location bar of the browser you can click up here in the URL bar select the entire URL and copy it to your clipboard; the other URL that we can use is hidden behind the share icon
  • Once you click the share icon you get another URL that you could use as well so either you are well- work and there is absolutely no difference between the two once you’ve copied that UR
  • Come back to your visual editor in WordPress 
  • The most important thing to remember is that you need to put your cursor on a new line all by itself 
  • I’m going to hit the return key to go ahead and put my cursor on a new line and then paste that YouTube URL directly into the visual editor. 
  • You’ll notice that you immediately see a preview of the video 
  • That’s all there is for the embed method, and this is by far the easiest way to get a YouTube video onto your WordPress site 

Another way How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress is to use the iframe embed code. This method offers a lot more customization for how your video is going to show up on your page. 

  • In YouTube’s new design we’re going to find the video that we want to embed 
  • Onto our site, we’re going to scroll down a little bit until we see share arrow go-ahead 
  • Click on that then we want to look for the embed button 
  • Now to pay attention to the right side of the iframe code right under embed video 
  • If we copy this code as is this is the most basic form of the iframe code it will pretty much only display a YouTube video on your site the way that you’re used to seeing it with just pasting an in via the embed method however you can do a lot to customize under embed options you can check or uncheck
  • Some of these boxes to play around with some of the customization options and if you’re comfortable editing the code a little bit there’s also a handful more options that YouTube doesn’t show you 
  • On this page that is also available to you, I’ll link those up 
  • So you can click through and see what all of those different options are but for now, let’s go ahead and select the entire iframe code and copy it to our clipboard 
  • Now we’re going to navigate back to our visual editor in WordPress here we want to make sure that we are in text mode and not in the visual way so to do that we come over here to the text tab 
  • Now we place our cursor on a new line in the place that we want to embed the video and paste the iframe code right here 

now when we switch back over to the visual editor, you’ll notice that you have that same preview of the video in the visual editor and again I didn’t cover all the options.

The final way to embed a YouTube video onto your WordPress site. If you want to add it to your sidebar WordPress, four-point-eight added a new video widget which makes this easy.

So let’s jump in and take a look at the method of embedding video from YouTube in WordPress:

  • The first thing we need to do is navigate to appearance and customize then you want and select widgets 
  • Now depending on your theme, you may have multiple sidebar areas listed on the left you want to choose
  • The widget area in which you want to add your video I’m going to go ahead and select the sidebar
  • Now we’ll click add a widget we’re going to search for the video widget, so type in the video, and you’ll see that it appears here go-ahead 
  • Click on it now you’ll see the video widget here on the left-hand side but now need to add our video to it so go-ahead 
  • Click Add video because we’re adding a YouTube video 
  • We’re not going to take anything from our media library. Instead, we’re going to come over to the left and click on insert from URL, and all we have to do 
  • Paste the YouTube URL right into this box as soon as you do that you’ll see a nice preview of your video 
  • On the screen confirm that it’s correct and then come down to the bottom right-hand side 
  • Click Add to a widget, and this part is optional, but if you want to give your video a title you can enter it right here and also notice in the customizer that the title shows up right above the video 
  • The final step to make everything live is to click the Save & Publish button 

So that’s it, and that covers the three most popular ways to embed a YouTube video into your WordPress site if you guys found this video helpful please consider subscribing you can learn even more on our website, and feel free to check out some of our other videos and as always thanks for watching.

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Conclusion let’s describe How to Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress?

By following these methods, you can embed the videos on WordPress and use the same technology. Adding footage to your site is an extraordinary method to help with client commitment and tells them somewhat more about what you’re looking at utilizing video.

To get started let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard, we want to create a new post. So I’ll go to all posts, add new, and while we’re in the visual editor area let’s grab the video that we want to embed. You can find the video URL by going to the YouTube video that you want to watch and grabbing this whole thing. 

So I’ll be featured that, right-click, head back over to WordPress dashboard, ensure you’re on another line, and afterward right-click, and glue.

When you glue, it ought to consequently acquire the data so you can see that the video is working in your post. Presently you should click distribute or update if you’re chipping away at a bar and, at that point, we can tap on the connection and see it in real life.

The great thing about this is it doesn’t just work for videos. Auto-embedding also works for things like Facebook if you have a Facebook post that you want to share in there you can do that. Instagram that’s huge for Instagram items, Reddit items, Twitter items so let me show you a couple of ways that you can do that as well. 

We can go to whatever twitter item you want. We want to copy the tweet link, once we have, it copied let’s go back to the post go to the line, and paste that in there.

Again, as soon as I clicked paste WordPress is bringing that information automatically and you see it here. I’m going to go to Instagram I’m on a link here, so you grab it, copy, and head back over, make sure you’re on a new line, and right-click paste.

Once that happens, it comes through like that. The straightforward way to bring in more information into your website and make it a fuller experience for your user. 

Hope you learned a lot and this article will going to be very helpful in embedding a video on WordPress in the future.

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