Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress Plugins (11 Best Plugins)
Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress Plugins (11 Best Plugins)

Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress Plugins (11 Best Plugins)

If you have a business that is largely reliant on reservations, surely you will have to be on the watch for the best WordPress appointment plugins constantly. However, finding the best WordPress plugins from the plethora of plugins that are available on WordPress is not a piece of cake. Without thorough research and analysis, you are likely to get lost in the sea of plugins without an idea about what the best plugins are for your business. Not to worry, we have created a list of the 11 best simply schedule appointments WordPress plugins that you can use in your business.

List of 11 Best simply schedule appointments WordPress plugins:

1.  Amelia

Amelia is a very professional WordPress plugin. With a very modern interface and smooth functionality, Amelia is a plugin that you can get full access for appointments – be they paid or free – immediately upon installation.

However, if you’re looking for a plugin where you can include your own code customizations, Amelia is not the best option. Amelia does not offer you the flexibility that is required to add customizations to the best extent.

But if you are a casual user, Amelia is an amazing solution for you with an excellent interface as well as a plethora of convenient features that add a new dimension to your appointment booking activities. The built-in feature list for this product will show you how much Amelia offers.


  • Allows the use of multiple employees, locations, services
  • Option for offering comprehensive booking forms and different forms for individuals
  • Custom fields to booking forms can be included
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Availability of sync with Google or Outlook Calendar
  • PayPal or Stripe is used for accepting payment for appointments
  • Option to schedule recurring appointments
  • Offers front-end appointment management to the customers
  • Configuration of breaks and working hours at an employee level


There is a free, although limited, version of Amelia that can be found at WordPress. Some features can be used for a lot of situations, but the lack of advanced features does not make the free version a suggested one. For the paid version, however, there are plans of $59 for one website, with a year of support. For lifetime support and updates, you will find plans starting at $189.

2. BirchPress

A premium simply schedule appointments WordPress plugins, BirchPress offers a lot of features such as reminders, customization of forms, Calendar sync, and so on.

With just a form, clients can book appointments. You can use shortcodes to embed booking forms on posts of your WordPress site as well. Sending notification emails and reminders is offered in BirchPress as well when appointments are made, rescheduled, or canceled.

Unlike Amelia, you find the flexibility of customization in BrichPress. No matter what business you’re engaged in, with BirchPress, you can get your job done well. You will also find various payment methods on BirchPress, which is a big yes.


  • Sending emails and notifications.
  • Support for shortcode
  • Allows calendar sync
  • Group booking is offered
  • Data can be exported and imported upon necessity
  • Allows customization for forms
  • Offers blocking holidays
  • Integration of PayPal is available


You will find three separate pricing plans with BirchPress. The pricing of these plans is:

  • Basic Plan: $99
  • Business Plan: $199
  • Business+ Plan: $249

3. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is the best free WordPress appointment plugin on our list. Of course, there will be features that you can find in a lot of other plugins, and you won’t find them here. But, if your priority is a free WordPress plugin, this is the perfect pick for you.

With a Booking Calendar, you can book appointments easily. You are allowed to select distinctive days in the calendar for booking, filling different forms, and submitting the appointment. What’s more, this plugin offers a beautifully designed admin panel. Admins possess the power of approving and declining appointments.


  • Customization of calendar design is allowed
  • Double bookings can be prevented
  • Offers email notifications
  • Allows sync with Google calendar
  • Responsiveness
  • Supports shortcode
  • Customization of forms is offered


As stated before, the Booking Calendar is completely free.

4. Bookly

An automated plugin, Bookly offers you the option of customizing your booking and appointment system in a variety of ways. It allows full customization, meaning that you can customize appointment forms, give out email and SMS notifications as well as sync with Google calendar.

A very attractive advantage of using Bookly is that it makes the booking experience easier for your customers. Within a range of two to six steps, the customers can book an appointment, making it highly convenient from the customer’s point of view.


  • Form customization
  • Sending SMS and email notification
  • Seamless integration of mobile
  • Offers creation and distribution of coupons.
  • Custom schedules for staff members.
  • Integration of Google calendar
  • Permits addition of unlimited services and staff members
  • Sleek admin panel
  • Professional design
  • Integration of WooCommerce


With the expense of only $89, you get a plugin in Bookly that will help you get more bookings. An excellent option for you to try out.

5. Simply Schedule Appointments

The specialty of the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin is evident from its name: simplicity. The interface that this appointment plugin offers is very simple and streamlined. Simply Schedule Appointments offers you the crucial features that you need and does its best to stay out of your way throughout the whole user experience.

The existence of an onboarding wizard ensures that not only is the plugin refraining from causing any inconvenience, but it also is trying to integrate the user with the smoothest experience possible.


  • Using front-end booking forms that are user-friendly
  • Customization of form and design
  • Allows inclusion of custom fields
  • Sending customizable email and SMS notifications
  • Allows accepting payments through PayPal and Stripe
  • Integration with other plugins or tools
  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Block holidays


There is a limited free version of Simply Schedule Appointments at WordPress. However, the premium versions – with varying types of feature sets – range from $99 to $299.

6. Start Booking

Even though Start Booking is not a WordPress appointment plugin, its integration to WordPress is very simple and highly effective. With this SaaS appointment service, you get a highly streamlined and convenient interface with tons of features that come in handy.

However, similar to Amelia, Start Booking is not made for those who are looking to customize the code within. So, if you are a casual user, this is a great option for you.


  • Integration with WordPress
  • Allows acceptance of classes and group bookings
  • Allows creation of multiple locations and staff members
  • Permits payments via Stripe
  • Provides front-end booking forms that are user-friendly
  • Sync with Google calendar


The limited free plan of Start Booking is something that we recommend for testing this plugin out, but not for permanent use. This SaaS tool requires a monthly $12, which is recurring. You can check out the premium features if you want to with a two-week free trial.

7. WP Booking System

WP Booking System is more intent on helping people make a booking for rental properties or equipment – and for such reasons, does not provide any hour-by-hour management and hourly breaks. In this freemium plugin, you only get full-day bookings, so you primarily need to know what kind of booking you require before opting for this one.


  • Offers a front-end booking calendar and booking form
  • Offers coupons and discounts
  • Block bookings on certain days
  • Setting a minimum bar on the number of days that must be booked
  • Acceptance of online payments through Stripe and PayPal
  • Integration of WooCommerce
  • Sending email notification


You will find a limited free version of the WP Booking System at WordPress. However, there are various limitations in the free version. There are two paid versions with the following pricing:

Pro (Limited): $49

Pro (All Premium Features): $79

8. Booked

If you are someone who’s looking for a great design, the Booked is perfect for you. The design of this plugin is amazing. It will tempt you to attach it to your website straight away.

However, the good stuff about booking doesn’t end at only design. This is a highly professional and convenient appointment plugin that allows you to work with multiple calendars, assign separate booking agents to every single booking, etc.

It allows you to set customized time slots for booking, allows the creation of custom fields, and supports multiple colors for calendar design. The plugin supports shortcodes. Another great thing about this plugin is that it’s responsive to every device.


  • Supports shortcode
  • Supports widget
  • Allows customized time slots
  • Provides a dashboard to manage bookings
  • Provides customized login for clients and customers
  • Permits use of custom fields
  • Customization of colors
  • Supports multiple colors in the calendar
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Sending customizable emails and notifications.


For so many amazing features, the price of Booked is surprisingly low at only $29.

9. Booki

As you can guess from the name – the WordPress plugin Booki is great for managing bookings and appointments. For short businesses, Booki is a great option. You can create unlimited booking projects as well as view relevant information and statistics of the bookings and get a summary with that as well. Booki makes it very easy to track your performance.

You will find three types of booking in Booki:

  • Single-day booking
  • Multiple days bookings
  • Time-slot bookings


  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Coupon creation
  • Allowing a set number of elements
  • Providing a list of attendees
  • Customization of form fields
  • Allowing setting up a reminder


Booki comes in comparatively cheap, at $29. However, it’s catered to specific businesses, so make sure it fits your interest before opting for it.

10. Team Booking

With Team Booking, the whole process of booking is made easier. You can simply use your calendar to schedule if you’re available or not. It perfectly integrates with Google Calendar.

To use Team Booking, you just need to go through three simple steps. First, you make an event in Google Calendar. It simultaneously turns into a free slot on your website. Once the booking is done, the event you created is updated. It’s that simple.


  • Allowing selection of time zone
  • Availability of unlimited services
  • Acceptance of online payments through Stripe and PayPal
  • Customization of forms.
  • Sending email notifications.
  • Supports maps
  • High responsiveness


With Team booking, you get different packages ranging from $28 to $125.

11. 10to8 Online WP Booking System

10to8 is a very professional online appointment scheduling system. With 10to8 Online Booking System, you can set available times for others so that they can book your service. You also will be able to use a two-way chat option for possibilities of requesting changes and cancellations through email and SMS, as well as social media applications such as Slack and Facebook.

Just from an easy plugin interface, you can manage all your data. At present, 10to8 Online Booking System has a 5-star rating on the WordPress repository. It possesses more than 4000 active users. You can go for the free version, which is pretty good. However, if your business is good, then going for the pro version will be the better option, which charges $12 per month.


  • Sync with iCal, Google calendar, and Outlook calendar.
  • Allowing integration with more than 500 applications
  • Allowing setting up automatic reminder
  • Acceptance of online payments through Stripe, SagePay, and PayPal
  • Permitting coordination of multiple staff, rooms, and locations
  • Sending SMS and email notifications for free


It possesses more than 4000 active users. You can go for the free version, which is pretty good. However, if your business is good, then going for the pro version will be the better option, which charges $12 per month. 10to8 is a wonderful plugin for you to use. With flexibility being its specialty, the number of applications it can be used from is astounding.

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Finding the best simply schedule appointments WordPress plugins is a key part of the success of your business. We hope our comprehensive list is helpful enough for you to decide which plugin suits you the most and find the best fit for your business. Best of luck!

Eng.M.Thatwart is a developer and author at wpqanda, who is passionate about WordPress, digital marketing, and website builders. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through his writings.