Weebly vs WordPress (8 key differences)

Weebly vs WordPress is a common topic of debate amongst many. Weebly vs WordPress, does one outshine the other? Today, we shall find out.

Weebly vs WordPress: does one outshine the other? This question is frequently asked. Both WordPress and Weebly are renowned website builders, and they are being used by thousands of entrepreneurs to create millions of eCommerce websites, blog sites, and all sorts of websites.

Website builders are tools that allow users to create full-blown websites without needing any prior experience or any coding knowledge.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get the flexibility that you’d get if you had coded that website manually. The customizability depends completely on the website builder.

Today, we’ll talk about two of the widely used website builders, and we’ll compare between them. Before that, let’s talk a bit about the features that makes a website builder a good one.

Features to Look for in A Website Builder:

These are the features that you should look for in any website builder, if you’re looking for a good one:

1- Ease of Use:

There are tons of website builders out there, and many of them are amazing and offer great features. You don’t want website builders that are tough to use. Trust me, no matter how amazing a website builder is, you shouldn’t use it if it’s tough to use, as there will always be one that’s easier to use.

You need to get a website builder that’s easy to use, doesn’t require any coding skill, offers simple, yet customizable interface. If all of these checks out, it’s a website builder worth looking into.

2- Pricing:

Pricing is definitely one of the biggest factors when you’re looking for a website builder. Running an online business is no easy job, and you’ll come across tons of expenses along the way. Trust me, you don’t want to spend more than you have to.

3- Integrations:

When you’re building any website, you need to integrate a lot of third-party plugins to it. Then again, if you’re running an eCommerce website, you’ll need to integrate more plugins. For example, you need to add digital wallets, sales funnels, and many other plugins for offering a decent customer experience.

This is why, you need to look for a website builder that offers easy and simple integration. Otherwise, if you find that you can’t integrate an extremely necessary plugin to your website, you’ll find yourself in a fix.

4- Designs and Templates:

There are website builders that come with thousands of templates and designs, and then there are the ones that offer only a handful of designs. The number of designs and templates provided by the builder matters, but what matters more is their quality. By quality, we’re referring not only to the elegance and clean coding of the templates, but also their variety.

The more variety you get out of the website builder, the more inspiration can you draw from them. Plus, if you’re not into customizing at all, you can create multiple websites out of them without having to make all of them look similar.

This is why we always recommend you look into the number of designs and templates offered and their quality as well.

5- Ecommerce Features:

Usually, website builders feature different packages for normal blog sites and eCommerce websites, and there are many reasons behind this. If you’re planning on opening an eCommerce website, you need much more features that you won’t need for any regular website.

This is why, we highly recommend looking for a website builder that will offer all the necessary features for building a proper eCommerce website. For example, you better look for website builders that will allow you to create sales funnel pages, integrate digital wallets, and create interactive elements.

In this way, you can boost your sales by manyfold.

6- Customer Support:

Now, you may think that the customer support service of a website builder won’t matter much. In reality, it matters a lot. When you’re creating a website, you’ll come across a lot of problems and obstacles. If you’re facing a problem understanding a certain feature, or if you’re facing a hard time using it, then you can get support from the builder’s developer team.

Then again, you might come across a unique problem that only you are facing. In such cases, only the developers will be able to help you through.

This is why we highly recommend using a website builder that has good customer support. Even if it doesn’t offer 24/7 support over phone, you better look for one that offers help over chat or allows the users to submit support tokens.

Weebly vs WordPress: Differences Between Them:

1- Weebly vs WordPress: General Overview:

Weebly is comparatively a newer tool than WordPress. Weebly was designed to make the lives of the website developers and entrepreneurs easier. Entrepreneurs usually don’t learn how to code, this is why they can’t create a full-fledged website by themselves using the traditional coding method. Tools like Weebly and WordPress were built just for them.

Weebly features a drag and drop interface that will allow you to drag many elements from the Weebly library and drop them on the website interface. This allows you to create modern, elegant looking websites that you can customize without writing a single strand of code.

Furthermore, Weebly allows you to integrate Google services to your website. By integrating the many tools from Google, you’ll be able to show Google Ads on your website, learn the SEO statistics of your website, get visitor’s interaction analytics, and much more!

On the other hand, we have WordPress. WordPress has been around for a long time, in fact it’s been 17 years since it started its journey. Over the years, WordPress has been refined and revised multiple times, and it’s the most used website builder of today.

However, the fact that it’s widely used doesn’t mean it’s the best. WordPress is just another website builder where you need to code. However, you can integrate tons of different plugins to WordPress that will offer you a visual interface just like Weebly.

In fact, most features that you can get out of WordPress comes straight out of the plugins that you can add to it. We’ll look into these in details.

2- Learning Curve:

As we’ve said in the first factor, you don’t want a website builder that takes a long time to get used to. In fact, we prefer going for coding rather than going for these builders.

As for Weebly, things are quite easy. In fact, it’s often said by users and reviewers that the user interface of Weebly is the easiest one can get. You can easily move the elements across the pages with the drag and drop editor. Then again, most website builders allow this right? Not really.

You won’t get a drag and drop editor with WordPress at first. In fact, you won’t get any visual editor at all! WordPress acts like any other website builder where you have to code the entire website. However, you can access tons of plugins available for WordPress, and different plugins offer different features.

You need to settle for a certain website editor plugin, and you can use the features that plugin is offering. This makes Weebly looks far better as you don’t have to go through these when you’re using Weebly.

Then again, Weebly is a complete and comprehensive builder platform. On the other hand, you need to use different plugins for using different features on your website with WordPress. This makes navigation comparatively tougher with WordPress.

The clear winner here is Weebly. This is because you can use every feature easily without having to press tons of buttons and menus. On the other hand, it takes a considerable time to learn how to operate WordPress properly as the interface becomes very complicated due to multiple plugins.

3- Features:

Yes, I know what you’ve heard. WordPress offers more than fifty-six thousand plugins, and you can download more plugins from third-party platforms. Many of these plugins come completely free of cost, and there are tons of famous plugins that you can buy for a reasonable price!

We heard that when we were starting out, and we believed that too. However, once you use some other platforms, you get to realize how misleading these statements are.

WordPress definitely offers tons of customization. However, do you need those? Out of 56 thousand plugins, most are utterly useless and buggy. The free plugins aren’t that useful, except for a handful. Then again, the paid plugins seem very reasonable, but the prices begin to stack up once you end up getting multiple plugins.

Then again, as you stack up multiple plugins on the same building platform, it gets very challenging to navigate the builder.

On the other hand, you get a bit more than 350 unique apps from Weebly known as Weebly apps. Out of these 350 apps, almost 50 are completely free! Then again, as you won’t have to integrate different plugins, the working procedure won’t get complex like that of in WordPress.

This is why, Weebly is far better in terms of features, as you’ll get every feature that you need without having to overcomplicating things.

4- Weebly vs WordPress SEO:

This is one of the few places where WordPress has a clear upper hand over Weebly. Weebly oversimplifies SEO. You can see how the website will look in the SERP by accessing the SEO option from their settings. There isn’t many customizability that you can leverage.

On the other hand, WordPress offers tons of customizability in terms of SEO. In fact, you can add plugins such as Yoast SEO for taking things a step further, which is always appreciated.

If you’re considering SEO, WordPress is the clear winner here.

5- Weebly vs WordPress for Blogging:

If you want to start blogging, Weebly is the better option for you, if you’re a beginner. However, if you’ve experience using WordPress, you better go for that.

This is because Weebly is comparatively easier to learn, and the basic features that you need to operate a successful blog site is there in Weebly. However, WordPress offers much more customizability, and you can create more immersive and complex website with WordPress. However, WordPress is harder to learn. Due to this learning curve, we don’t recommend using it if you’re new to this.

6- Security:

In terms of security, Weebly is better than WordPress. WordPress sites are infamous for their complicated and buggy codes, and they’re very easy to crack. Then again, these sites often go down for unexpected errors. If you want to keep your WordPress website up and running, you need to perform continuous maintenance.

On the other hand, you won’t have to do any of these if you use Weebly. Weebly platform will take care of the security of your website.

It’s to be mentioned that both of these builders offer free SSL certificate, and this is very important for running an ecommerce store.

7- Weebly vs WordPress vs Wix:

Wix is obviously a good website builder. However, Weebly is much easier to use, and it’s much cheaper than Wix. In fact, where the basic plans of Wix start at $14, the basic plans of Weebly start at $6 only! WordPress is definitely the worst among these, even though it offers great customizability, it sacrifices simplicity, security, and many more important factors.

8- Cost:

If you’re considering the cost, Weebly is definitely the better option. The basic package of WordPress starts from $25, and you need to buy tons of plugins over that for getting the complete experience.

On the other hand, you can get the basic package of Weebly for free! If you’re in need of advanced features, you can get the Personal package for $6 only.

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Weebly vs WordPress, which one should you go for? The answer is easy. If you’re in need of something that’s cheap and easy to use, you can go for Weebly. In fact, Weebly is a good choice even for eCommerce websites.

On the other hand, if you want to explore customizability, and if you don’t mind high prices and complexities, then WordPress should be your go to.

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