WordPress Database, All You Need To Know

Database for WordPress, All You Need To Know. The database is an important aspect that cannot be ignored when managing and managing your site.WordPress uses MySQL as its database management system. MySQL is software that is used to create, store, and obtain data on request.

MySQL is also open-source software, just like WordPress, and works best with other popular open-source programs such as Apache web server, PHP, and Linux operating system. To install WordPress, you need a MySQL database.

All WordPress hosting providers offer MySQL, which on your hosting pak Everything you upload to your site is stored in a database and can become more messy and bulky over time. If you already use a plugin to manage your database, you can search this article to find a better alternative.

WordPress Database: The database host

The database host is the computer that hosts your database on a MySQL server. Most often it is localhost and entering localhost in the host field would connect WordPress to your database. However, some web hosting providers may use different host names to manage MySQL servers.

You can find your hostname in the MySQL or Database sections of your hosting control. Ask your hosting provider if you can’t find the hostname. 

WordPress Database Plugins

WordPress Database Plugins

WordPress is written using PHP as a scripting language and MySQL as a database management system. Everything published on your site is stored in a MySQL database, and when everything disappears from your database, your site remains only as a domain name.

Each website has a unique database and it is this database that represents the current and published content of a website on the Internet. An eCommerce site that loses its database can result in the loss of potential customers. A blog site is nothing without content.

Ultimately, it’s useless and completely wasted. Here are some of the most common reasons to choose a WordPress database plugin to make sure your site is live and safe.

In fact, the WordPress database plugin optimizes the performance of your site by delivering the requested output each time the user visits faster. Provides more space for the database by deleting unwanted and corrupted files and documents.

Easy to use plugins that work automatically and can be safely used for your database. It provides multiple entries to improve the performance of the website. Stores backups of all files stored in the database. data so you don’t lose any.

The Best WordPress Database Plugins

5 Best Database Plugins for WordPress [Updated In 2021] - Website Income

Creating a secure WordPress with a plugin to get regular backups of your WordPress site is the best thing you can do for your WordPress security. While the WordPress database contains most of the information on your site, it still lacks some fairly important elements, such as template files, images, uploads, and so on.

All your images are stored in the load folder of the /wp-content/directory.

Although the database contains information about which image is attached to a publication, it is useless if the image folder does not contain these files. Often, beginners think that database backup is all they need is NOT true.

You need a full backup of the site that includes your themes, plugins and images. Although most hosting companies claim they have daily backups, we recommend that you back up yourself just in case. If you use a managed WordPress hosting solution, such as WPEngine, daily backups are created.

For most of us who are not on WPEngine, you should use a WordPress backup plugin to set up automated WordPress backups on your site. 


WP-Optimize is an all-in-one plugin that helps clean and manages the database by compressing large images and caching websites. In addition, this is one of those WordPress plugins that will allow your site to run quickly, better, and more efficiently.

The WP-Optimize plugin is very simple and easy to use and has everything to keep the site optimized and clean.

In addition, the plugin provides a free fee for each user and a premium version for advanced requirements. The premium version offers support for multiple sites, advanced optimization options, scheduling, and improved logging and reporting. It is multilingual and compatible with multiple currencies.

PLUG-IN FEATURES Store data during cleaning, easy optimization, automatic cleaning, notifications, and statistics Incredibly easy to use with layouts, comments, trackbacks and pingbacks, transient options, spam, and trash optimize images by restoring original functions, EXIF data protection, automatic compression, bulk compression and lossy compression options Caching features include cache preload, gzip compression, device-specific code, advanced exclusion rules, and support for multiple browser cache sites, options and flexibility, programming, multilingualism, and multicurrency support.


WP-Sweep is the simplest and easiest to use cleaner and optimizer for WordPress databases. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use WP sweep. Clean and optimize the database of any website in just a few minutes. The best part is that a simple WordPress user WP-sweep can also install and use it very easily.

In addition, the plugin only uses the WordPress delete feature to delete data. Many of the plugins perform direct MySQL removal queries, which can lead to some data loss.

However, WP-sweep is not compatible with any other plugin. PLUGIN FEATURES Clean revisions, automatic drafts, deleted comments, unapproved comments Delete spam comments, duplicate post meta, user meta, term meta and comment meta, user meta, comment meta, and term goal Clean unused terms, temporary options, and relationships of orphan terms Database tables and Oembed Caches in later metadata 

My WP Backup Pro

My WP Backup Pro helps repair damage and data loss during website downtime. Protects the website’s database against adverse conditions, hacking, data corruption, or others. My WP Backup Pro plugin helps corporate websites online to focus on creating content by backing up data regularly.

With the My WP Backup Pro plugin, you don’t have to worry about your backups because it stores your backups with safer integrations. In addition, the plugin will notify you by email when the backup process is complete.

PLUG-IN FEATURES Plugin tutorial, easy to use WP-CLI integration, automatic or manual backup option Full backup option, differential backup option and shared backup on volumes Option Disk Backup Only, File Only, Schedule and Restore Backups to FTP and email, backup to Dropbox and Google Drive, backup to Amazon S3 and Rackspace cloud files, etc.

Zip and various tar-archiving options, exclude unnecessary files and globbing Receive email notifications, push notifications, Slack and Hipchat.


UpDraftPlus claims to be the world’s most reliable backup, restore, and clone plugin for WordPress. The plugin protects your site from hackers, server crashes, shaded updates, and simple user errors, and keeps your WordPress database and website safe and up-to-date.

In addition, the plugin provides an interactive and easy-to-use interface for backup and restore with a single click defining a schedule. UpDraftPlus is a comprehensive tool that provides advanced features for managing websites and databases.

PLUG-IN FEATURES Programming supports manual and automated backups; you can even customize Simple, flexible, and secure UpDraftVault Storage and remote storage options with Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon Web Services Reporting, monitoring, scheduling, recovery, and migration.

WordPress Multisite and Network Installations.

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The effectiveness of WordPress database plugins depends on their ease of use. It depends on how long you are active and use your WordPress site. If you are a beginner, you can opt for free and simple WordPress plugins such as WP-Sweep.

For the most regular and active users who can find their database flying, paid tools like WP-Optimize and WP Cleaner Pro. The top priority for companies and online agencies is to back up and restore the database. Tools like the UpDraftPlus plugin are the best choice. 

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