How To Make WordPress Site Private?

How to make WordPress site private? many people are asked. A private WordPress blog is useful for sharing family events, wedding photos, baby photos, etc. with friends and family. Take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for family blogs for inspiration.

A private blog can be used as a private diary or journal. Teams working on projects can work together on a private blog.

A website under construction that is not yet fully open to the public. A teaching website can be made private and accessible only to registered students.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your blog completely private. We’ll also cover how to create a private, password-protected post on WordPress for those who want to have a public blog with private space.

Why do you need to make wordpress site private ?

There are some situations that justify a private website:

  • a blog or a personal magazine. Sometimes people want to put their thoughts and dreams on a website without anyone reading them.
  • A private website to share. It can be a blog where you share your wedding photos with registered guests, a baby photo album that you can share with your family, or anything else in that direction. Basically a “members-only” club.
  • A collaborative website. It can be a place where anyone working on a project can log in and view the content of the website, without limiting yourself to anyone outside that registered circle.
  • Website of a school or classroom. Making a website private and accessible only to people with the right permissions is a great way to manage homework, share reading material, etc. A page that is under construction. By making it private, you can continue working on it and only publish it publicly if you’re absolutely sure it’s okay and ready.
  • A website that just needs to be optimized. It’s actually very useful to make a website temporarily private while correcting design or content and then making it public again. 

How to hide a wordpress site from search engines

Hide a WordPress site from search engines. WordPress offers a built-in switch for those who want to hide search engine websites like Google and Bing. This check box is located at the bottom of the Reading Settings screen. It is labeled “prevent search engines from indexing this site” and is disabled by default.

If your site is brand new and you don’t have to announce that it exists yet, chances are that no one knows the URL. And as long as your work in progress doesn’t contain sensitive information, this option might be enough to make your WordPress site private until it starts.

It doesn’t prevent people with your website address from being visited, but it will make it much harder to search for the URL. When enabled, this option is an effective way to temporarily keep your site away from search engines.

However, if you can’t risk someone finding your site through other sources before (or after) doing so, you’ll need to take additional action. Your next line of defense is an add-on designed to block public access of any kind. 

How to make a WordPress site private using plugin

Top 7 Plugins for Making WordPress Site Private - PPWP Pro
  • The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin “My Private Site”.
  • After activation, you need to visit the “Private Site Settings” page to configure the plugin settings.
  • First of all, you need to check the box “Make the site private” to activate the plugin and make your website private.
  • In the next section, users can register on their WordPress site.
  • If you don’t want users to be able to register on your site, you can skip this section.
  • In the Destination Location section, you can choose which page users will see when they sign in.
  • By default, the plugin returns them to the same URL you requested before logging in.
  • You can also redirect users to the home page, WordPress admin panel, and any other URL of your WordPress site.
  • The custom login page section is only applicable if you use a custom login page on your WordPress site.
  • Just check the box and enter the URL of your custom login page.
  • The plugin then uses this URL as the login page.

Note: The My Private Site plugin also allows you to exclude some parts of your website from being private. For example, if you use a static title page and want users to see it, you can add it as an exclusion. You can also add other URLs, such as a contact form or an information page to the exclusion list.

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button to save your settings. That’s all, people who visit your website are asked to sign in before they can see it. Depending on the configuration, users can view pages that are excluded or who only see the login page. 

How to hide individual pages or posts?

To restrict access to specific entries, go to the WordPress editor and look for the “Status and Visibility” section at the top of the Document tab. Click or tap the link to the right of the Visibility label to see options for a single page or publication. 

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Final Result

you can hide your website from search engines and prevent public access to pages or posts to make a WordPress site private.

However, to load or block access to your entire site, you must install one of the best plugins to make a WordPress site private or hide a WordPress site from search engines We hope this article helped you create a completely private blog and WordPress posts. It’s a great way to share your stuff with selected people on your own website. 

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