Is WordPress safe for eCommerce? Full Answer

Security is among the first things that everybody is concerned about when they launch something online. The net includes comfort and susceptibility. And also, when the talk has to do with the company, the security issue is more crucial than ever. The question is always is WordPress safe for eCommerce websites?

Many begin asking themselves whether it’s safe to use WordPress for an eCommerce website. Their complication has some grounds for it. More than 60 million WordPress websites are running on the net. It has a significant share concerning the complete variety of sites that use a content management system. Nevertheless, despite that considerable appeal, WordPress is free of cost. It’s open-source, implying every one of its codes come and is adjustable by any person willing to do so.

With appeal comes the risk. Since a lot of sites run WordPress on their website, hackers’ first top priority is often to launch an attack on WordPress. Since they know they can penetrate the core WordPress, they can attack an extensive range.

Although the concern makes sense, one needs to know the issue that there are tons of shopping sites, some preferred and effective ones, that work on WordPress. It’s because WordPress is secure and protected sufficient to count on with their shopping service despite the safety and security problems. Yet before we dive into discussing whether WordPress is safe, secure, and adequate for shopping internet sites, let’s discuss a more important thing.

Is WordPress safe for eCommerce

Is WordPress the Right Option for YOU?

While the protection of WordPress (as well as a few of the plugins that allow e-commerce performance) is good enough, there are more points to consider than safety. With WordPress (and WooCommerce or any other e-commerce plugin), you handle every little thing that happens with your site, including every piece of technical information. If you construct your eCommerce website with WordPress, it’ll be your own to look after. You will protect the plugins and styles you use; however, there’s a large part of upkeep that you need to deal with (or you need to select a person to do so).

Generally, people state that WordPress is good for little stores, while for bigger online shops, a more specialized holding system is much better matched. Nevertheless, that is not entirely true. If you have the sources or the budget/knowledge to maintain preserving your WordPress-powered e-commerce website, you should, by all means, make use of WordPress. Since when you utilize WordPress, you obtain the possibility to personalize your website according to nonetheless you like. Use a hosted platform, like Shopify, that allows you to develop a shopping store on their system. You will undoubtedly be less worried about the maintenance and security of your website. However, you will undoubtedly lose the capacity to enhance your website how you wish.

So the bottom line is if you have the source to handle a WordPress-powered shopping site, either by yourself or by designating a devoted designer, you would appreciate the power of personalizing the shop according to your demands. WordPress is the appropriate option for you. However, if you want to offer items and do not mind the restrictions of your online store that features hosted platforms, you might wish to consider systems like Shopify.

From a protection viewpoint, WordPress is safe and secure as you require it to ensure it remains secure. It needs to be upgraded, maintained, and optimized regularly. If you can do so, you will enjoy the customization ability of your online store down the line.

Now, look at several reasons it’s secure to drop the WordPress route with e-commerce.

WordPress is Relied On by Many millions.

Granted, you may be asking on your own, what good would certainly it do to me if millions trust WordPress? Take a look at the bigger photo. Since small and average organizations to large companies use WordPress for their website, blogs, and even e-commerce website, there is a high demand for safety measures such as plugins for WordPress. WordPress may be free, yet its individuals remain in millions. And that’s why the site’s safety is frequently strengthened despite numerous security dangers and vulnerabilities.

So if you’re with WordPress, you know you’re not the only one. If there’s a general strike on the core WordPress platform, significant measures will be required to prevent that assault as well as you will not feel excluded since you remain in the crowd.


WordPress has lots of Safety and Security Plugins.

Among the most compelling aspects of WordPress is its functionality can be significantly expanded by what are called plugins. Plugins can include practically every feature you might require in your website, which also stretches to safety. Numerous plugins enhance your WordPress safety. All you need to do is install and set up, as you’re excellent to go. The plugins will monitor your site’s activity and avoid one of the most common types of strikes, such as brute force. And also, you’ll obtain instant notifications whenever there’s a dubious task going on. Some plugins can even shut out individuals by their IP address when they attempt to get unapproved access to your site.

Thanks to many cost-free and also premium plugins, you can guarantee the security of your core WordPress setup without being a protection expert yourself.

These 2 reasons are enough to recognize that you are in great hands as you utilize WordPress. However, safety and security are a lot more to that than what comes to default. Most of the moment, the safety of a site depends upon its individuals and administrators. Below are examples of how an e-commerce site developed utilizing WordPress can be protected from susceptibilities.

Secure Passwords

This is the important primary point to consider when it pertains to security, whatever site you have. If your passwords aren’t secure, your website isn’t. You must ensure your site’s credentials are complex to guess, long, and solid enough. You additionally have to make sure that your individuals additionally use solid passwords. You can require your registered individuals to utilize long, complicated passwords through plugins.


Safe Checkout/SSL

SSL certificates, or HTTPS, ensure that the information moved is safe and encrypted. This is not enabled by default on any website; the internet site manager has to acquire this certificate to ensure that the data individuals enter upon the e-commerce website is encrypted and also secure. This makes certain the security of the individual’s data as well as makes clients trust funds since they know their online shopping is secure as well as safe and secure.

Repayment Portal

Many developed eCommerce internet sites, both WordPress-based and specialized services, use third-party repayment gateways such as PayPal. This guarantees that the bank card details or other sensitive credentials pass through high safety to the repayment gateway. Many the moment, e-commerce sites do not save their customer’s credit card information, CCV, and other data unless the client explicitly permits them to. As a result, the user understands that their repayment is processed by a trusted partner (PayPal) or the eCommerce site concerned is dependable to have acquired what is called PCI Compliance which is required to be able to refine charge card transactions.

Some Secure and also Trusted E-Commerce Platforms.

So currently, you understand that it’s not just WordPress; the combination of WordPress, the administrators, the individuals, and the eCommerce plugin/solution utilized on the website determines how secure an e-commerce website is. Let’s take a look at several of the prominent eCommerce services you can use on top of your WordPress installments for a secure and safe online shop.

Single Vendor Shop– WooCommerce



WooCommerce is one of WordPress’s most popular options for developing a shopping site. If you’re the sole seller on your shopping site, you can never go wrong with WooCommerce. It’s a free plugin, yet don’t allow that to fool you. It has first-rate assistance and thousands of compatible premium lovely themes to go with, enabling you to develop a functioning e-commerce site promptly and effectively. It’s established as well as supported by WooThemes, which makes WordPress themes as well as plugins. However, they are most preferred for WooCommerce worldwide.

The safety and security of WooCommerce are beyond question. Its devoted group of designers as well as volunteers from all over the world (because WooCommerce is an open resource plugin) keeps it firmly safeguarded as well as risk-free.

Digital Download And Install Store– Easy Digital Downloads

simple electronic downloads

Suppose you’re producing an on-the-internet store just to offer digital items– such as photos, music files, video clip files, software applications, publications, etc.– after that. In that case, Easy Digital Downloads are a preferred option. It’s a WordPress plugin that works on top of your WordPress installation. Its features allow you to produce a heavily customizable online store for digital marketing items, and its security is superior. With over 400,000 users, Easy Digital Downloads is a popular selection for many people.

Dokan multivendor WordPress plugin

What if you just want to create a completely free website where multiple sellers can sign up and offer their products? For that function, Dokan is the perfect option.

Dokan is a WordPress plugin established by weDevs. With Dokan, you can quickly create a market where vendors can sign up to offer products. It’s a boosted variation of WooCommerce, which just supports a single supplier shopping site. It’s highly safe and secure and also preserves every one of the protection requirements that a shopping website requires to have.

Along with all that, Dokan is based upon WooCommerce– the first-rate prominent e-commerce solution for WordPress. To use Dokan, you must likewise set up the WooCommerce plugin. That alone includes an added layer of protection to the eCommerce site you manage, using Dokan on your online store.

Last, you must remember nothing is 100% secure online. Also, the most protected website from the largest firm, in some cases, gets hacked. Safety and security are continuous processes. So you require to constantly stay alert regarding your website’s safety, as well as mount the most up-to-date updates of all your plugins, motifs, and also WordPress itself to maintain the safety as well as safety of your online organization.

Because a lot of websites run WordPress on their website, cyberpunks’ initial top priority is commonly to release a strike versus WordPress. If you have the sources or the budget/knowledge to keep preserving your WordPress-powered shopping website, you should, by all means, utilize WordPress. Because small as well as average organizations to large corporations use WordPress for their site, blog, and shopping site, there is a high need for security steps such as plugins for WordPress. Below are examples of how an eCommerce site constructed utilizing WordPress can be safeguarded from vulnerabilities.

It’s a WordPress plugin that functions on top of your WordPress setup.

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